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GBV: Man Bleeds to Death after Wife cut off his Genitals


Police in Kampala are investigating circumstances under which a man died after his wife allegedly cut off his genitals.

According to Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga, Benson Baluku bled to death when his wife ‘Biira’ allegedly cut off his manhood after an extramarital affair-related fight. Police have since kept in custody the wife on charges of Murder.

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Police Preliminary investigations revealed, the deceased returned home on March 26 while drunk and started fighting his wife whom he always accused of having extramarital affairs.

“During this domestic fight, the husband grabbed his wife by the neck and started strangling her which prompted her to draw out a knife and chop off his genitals,” Said Enanga.

The Police Spokesperson, however, justified the need for third-party involvement in marital-related fights to avoid the normalization of the criminality of this kind.

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“It also shows how rage and anger exist among spouses causing them to lose respect for each other. We would like to remind all spouses living in conflict to always seek help on how to resolve their family differences,” he said.

In the recently released 2022 annual police crime report, domestic violence was listed as one of the leading crimes in Uganda with 17,698 cases registered in 2022 compared to 17,533 cases in 2021 and 17,664 in 2020.

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