Home News Police arrest self-styled pastor and two others on charges of Human Trafficking.

Police arrest self-styled pastor and two others on charges of Human Trafficking.


Fred Enanga the Police spokesperson has said that the CID anti-trafficking department in coordination with the territorial Police in Bulenga and Mukono managed to arrest a self-styled pastor and two others on accounts of recruiting, receiving, and harboring three students of St. Francis Nursing School in Mukono.

Kisoma Jacqueline aged 34 years together with her husband Kisoma Daniel and Gitta Edward recruited these students for over two months in a rented house inside a tall wall fence in Nankuwadde.

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“There are also two female adults from Kibale and Masindi who were recruited into her religious cult under the pretext of bible teaching and church ministry” Enanga highlighted.

The Police mouthpiece made these remarks while addressing journalists at the weekly security briefing at Naguru on Monday.

According to the Police, this 3 bedroomed house that acted as a church wasn’t registered anywhere but it accommodated 21 people who were also residing in that same house.

“We have established that she appointed herself head of the religious cult where she was recruiting followers and persuading them to abandon education plus also discouraging them not to go to hospitals when they fall sick” Enanga explained.

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In the just-released Annual Crime Report of 2022, Police registered a total number of 668 cases of human trafficking with a difference of 306 cases from those reported in 2021.

Police also noted that a total of 15 victims mostly female and about 8 children were recovered and these are lately undergoing counseling and rehabilitation in a shelter home under the Criminal Investigation Department as the process of subjecting
they do a medical examination is also ongoing.

Jacqueline’s file has also been submitted to the DPP for legal guidance on charges of human trafficking and unlawful confinement.

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