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Business woman, Bagyenda decries political witch-haunt


Kampala. As Uganda’s political environment continue to wreck-havoc, a number of citizens are continuing to report hostility allegedly perpetrated by the state.

Joy Bagyenda a self-styled business woman is yet another victim to report being targeted by the state over her affiliation to opposition political party, the National Unity Platform (NUP).

A source shared to this website that Bagyenda who is an ardent supporter of NUP is becoming a target for security that has over the time raided her home and business premises in Kampala.

A highly plaved source at NUP who asked not to be named dur to sensitivity of the matter said that the business woman was recently arrested and later released on bond over unknown circumstances.

“She has consistently withstood the wrath of security, taking part as a mobiliser for NUP as well as supplying party garments that have often been criminalised, punished and banned by the Ugandan government,” explained the source.

The source noted that Ms Bagyenda has for years been hunted by state agents, putting both her family, friends and personal safety at risk as well as personally facing illegal arrests.

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