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Muslims Fault Kasaija Over National Mosque Renovation


Muslims have been asked to join hands to renovate the National Mosque following the failure by the Finance Ministry to release funds as directed by President, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

According to Sheikh Imran Abdnoor Ssali UMSC Secretary in charge of Preaching and Islamic Propagation (Dawah), in the run-up to the 2016 general elections while at old Kampala, Museveni pledged to renovate the National Mosque on request from the Mufti of Uganda, His Eminence Sheikh Ramadhan Mubaje.

The president stood in this very place and pledged to support the renovation of this Mosque seven years ago. He argued that since the late President Gaddafi built us a magnificent Mosque, it was upon the government to maintain it,” he said.

Adding that “Two days after the President’s visit, a team from the UPDF Engineering Brigade came here and did an assessment and presented their findings to the President.

Sheikh Ssali explained that thereafter the President tabled the proposal before the cabinet, which okayed the renovation works.

The President directed the Minister of Finance, Hon. Matia Kasaja in writing to release the funds and even copied it to our leaders here. But it’s now seven years down the road nothing has been done,” he said.

Sheikh Ssali noted that Kasaija’s refusal to implement the presidential directive is a sign of discrimination against Muslims.

We can’t take this lightly. We have nothing about the President. He played his part. We blame Hon. Kasaija views this as discrimination against Muslims. How come they release the money to support other religious groups and not Muslims,? He asked.

Sheikh Ssali, who was delivering the Friday sermon at the National Mosque, said it’s upon this background that they have resolved to ask Muslims to join hands and renovate the Mosque.

After losing all hope of getting help from the government and other donors it is our prayer that Muslims join hands to renovate the national Mosque,” he said.

He explained that the National Mosque needs urgent renovation as Muslims prepare for the Holy Month of Ramadhan, which is less than two months away.

We Shall soon release a program for the renovation please support it. We have no choice but to work on the Mosque,” he said.

Present at the prayers was the Mufti, Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, second Deputy Mufti, Sheikh, Sheikh Muhammad Ali Waiswa, the Islamic Call University College Council chairperson and former Electoral Commission Chairperson, Engineer Dr Badru Kigundu and UMSC Secretary-General, Ramathan Mugalu among other top UMSC officials.

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