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UCAA in land grabbing scandal at Kasenyi landing site


The family of the late Charles Kisitu led by their administrator Mr Patrick Kisitu has accused the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) of grabbing their land.

The land in question is plot 448 with 9 acres and neighbors plot 449 which is 25 acres owned by UCAA, however, the authority also received a court order to fence off its land which they say covers plot 9 which is not indicated in the title.

Mr Kisitu in the recent Court battle trounced UCAA when the latter failed to produce the land title he claims to be having.

UCCA spokesperson Mr. Vianney Lugya was unavailable to respond to these accusations as his known numbers were off by the time of filing this story.

The Ffulu family administrator Patrick Kisitu however says he has been using the land for close to 25 years, and recently, UCAA has been seen claiming ownership which prompted the family to run to court.

According to the family, they succeeded
after the court proved them as true owners of the land and nonconforming tenants were issued a court order to vacate the premises.

The court order seen by this website was issued on April 17 and it reads in part,

“Pursuant to section (3) of Distress for Rent Act Cap 76 and rules therein. I hereby authorize KYALULA WDWARD T/A ALPHA AUCTIONEERS COURT BAILIFFS to act as a court bailiff and levy distress on behalf of the landlord KISITU PATRICK against the respondents on his premises located at Kasenyi Bendegere Wakiso district to recover rent arrears in the sum of shs.31, 260,000 (thirty-one million two hundred sixty thousand shillings only),”

The items included; eight pieces of used pool tables, 10 pieces of used flat screens, 200 pieces of used plastic chairs, 100 pieces of used plastic tables, 60 pieces of used wooden tables and 50 pieces of used wooden chairs, 600 pieces of used timber, 1000 pieces of used iron sheets, 300 crates of beers, 300 crates/cartons of sodas and any property with value for the Respondents.
“This is to further direct every authority,” the order directed.

While In court, UCAA was asked to present its title and prove ownership of the land which they failed to satisfy the court, and a ruling was served in favor of the FFULU family.

Attached are the documents supporting this story, the tenants’ affidavits, and the land title ( 9 acres ) that belongs to the Ffulu family that UCAA claims ownership of.

Close to 200 tenants were notified of the court ruling and only 20 0ut of the 200 absconded from paying rent claiming that UCAA is the landlord.

This prompted the Ffulu family to run to court and a rent distress order was served, the Ffulu family says traders have since been told to vacate the land as the proprietor wants to develop it.

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