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Bobi Wine Campaign body guard worries for his family


Continuous arrests and abduction of opposition political supporters have essentially pushed opposition supporters to live like hostages in Uganda, forcing several to go into exile.

A source close to the family revealed to us that Kyuma Kya Yesu alias Ntege Lubwama Williams a self-exiled journalist and politician recently found relief in Canada following a series between him and authorities back home in Kampala.

The former bodyguard to opposition politician Bobi Wine in the previously concluded Uganda’s general elections which Bobi Wine frequently likened to ‘a war and a battlefield’

It is understood that Kyuma was granted a sanctuary in Canada leaving behind his immediate young family that is reportedly subjected to threats by anonymous persons.

“ My family is haunted by security, my immediate family receives threats on a daily basis, and recently, plain-clothed men wanted to kidnap my children,” Kyuma confirmed the allegations when contacted via social media.

A fierce defender of journalists’ and other people’s rights and political activists, he was part of the famous countrywide Togikwatako campaign against the lifting of article 102(b) on age limits from the constitution which reportedly put him at loggerheads with security.

Having defied court Martial bail several times due to severe sickness he developed from torture by the military for several months in the army detentions after being arrested at Kalangala Islands during the 2021 Presidential campaigns.

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