Home Security Photos: UWA Recruits 120 Game Rangers in Mbale

Photos: UWA Recruits 120 Game Rangers in Mbale

The Youth undergoing the field exercise during the recruitment in Mbale City

In a bid to ensure sustainable management of wildlife and protected areas, Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) on Monday 4th, July 2022 recruited 120 game rangers to boost tourism in the country.

The exercise was in Mbale stadium in Mbale city which covered the applicants from the regions of Bugisu, Sebei, and Bukedi.

The UWA Game Rangers Recruitment exercise targeted 120 youths

According to Mr. Kiiza Fred Kayanja, the Chief Warden of Mt. Elgon Park revealed that it was a highly competitive exercise. Adding that the target was to recruit 120 but the turn up was over 2000 and that was a big competition.

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Some of the youths who turned up for the recruitment undergoing field exercise

“We had many exercises they took to reduce on the number of applicants like registration in time so those who entered late we not considered, having National IDs,” he said.

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Kiiza said, “We arranged them according to their documents. Holders of an “O” Level Certificate of Education with at least a credit in English language or Mathematics obtained not more than 6 years ago from 2015 – 600.”

Kiiza explained that the exercise is to reinforce operations and security in the game parks and conservation work is effectively done. 

Mr. Fred Kiiza Kayanja, the Chief Warden of Mt. Elgon Park, speaking to journalists during the recruitment exercise

He noted that inadequate human resource is affecting the management of the wildlife-protected areas.

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Kiiza noted that the recruitment is mainly targeting the youth between 20-30 years and offering jobs to them, in return this will boost the tourism industry in the country.

Rangers undergoing selection

He appealed to all those who failed to qualify to remain calm but to prepare as they learn from this experience. “Our children are not well prepared you some have no IDs or their documents have issues and wildlife will need to recruit more staff and this could be your time.

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