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You are Responsible for Your Misfortune; Kigongo Tells Members of NRM Transformers Cadres’ Association

Members of the NRM Transformers Cadres Association pose for a group photo with NRM top leadership including Al-hajji Moses Kigongo, the First National Vice Chairperson, SG Richard Todwong and others on Friday at the Party Secretariant in Nakasero

Al-hajj Moses Kigongo, the First National Vice Chairperson of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) has faulted the members of NRM Transformers Cadres Association (TCAU) for being the root cause of their misfortune.

Kigongo said that TCAU has from the onset been the problem of their suffering because of continuous disunity and lack of focus.

“We have always seen you in the media advocating for very many issues but you seem to lack a clear focus. Please stop mixing up issues. You cannot be jumping from one thing to another and expect our attention. Separate the issues and we shall be able to listen and solve them,” he said

This was during the meeting that was held at NRM Secretariat on Friday last week.

Kigongo however gave the members hope that since the group had agreed to turn up for the meeting with party leaders, he was confident that all grievances raised by the members of the association would be identified and sorted before they are presented to the party National Chairman for consideration.

He said that some of the issues presented in their memorandum of understanding include; tasking the NRM secretariat to properly reorganize the party register to avert challenges of the previous primary election which they referred to as having been improperly conducted, seeking audience with the National Chairman, President Museveni among other issues.

Secretary-General, Richard Todwong, said the transformer cadre members were addressing party issues on the wrong forums.

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NRM SG Richard Todwong addressing members of NRM TCAU last week

“I used to wonder how members of the NRM party could raise serious issues that touch on amendment of the party constitution without involving the leaders of the same institution. I had even developed a suspicion that you are being used by the wrong people. So next time come to the party and we will discuss, “he said.

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Todwong acknowledged that there were some inconsistencies in last year’s NRM internal elections which he said in some areas, the exercise was marred with manipulations and poor supervision, a thing he attributed to the lack of an up-to-date voter register then.

“We did not have time to organize secret ballot elections because our register was not properly organized. We also lacked the manpower to supervise the exercise hence some of our candidates suffered abuse and manipulations,” Todwong said.

He revealed that the register has now been cleaned and only awaiting to present it to the voters for verification of their details. The group led by Felix Adupa Ongwech apologized to the party leaders and promised to be loyal and submissive members.

“We have sinned and fallen short of glory. We apologize and seek to move forward.” Adupa said

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