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DGF Dev’t Partners Pledge Effective Co-operation with Gov’t


The Democratic Governance Facility (DGF) has pledged that they will now collaboratively welcome on-board government representation in their decision-making structures as they look forward to resuming the multi-billion donor fund operations.

DGF whose operations were halted by president Museveni in February 2021 on grounds of operating a multi-billion donor fund with without government involvement in a joint press statement by development partners welcomed the suspension lift with a pledge to serve better.   

“We look forward to welcoming Government of Uganda representatives to the Board and Steering Committee of the DGF,” reads the statement in part.

“During the months that remain, DGF development partners remain firmly committed to supporting good governance, human rights, access to justice, addressing corruption, and strengthening civil society. In the coming months, we will establish the best means of continuing our engagement with both state and non-state partners working in these areas,” further reads the statement.

Furthermore, the development partners committed themselves to supporting government programs as she looks forward to transforming the lives of her citizens.

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“The current phase of the DGF was set to run from January 2018 to December 2022, and this timeline remains in place. We look forward to working with the Government of Uganda and civil society to advance Uganda’s national priorities and commitments, including as stated in the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, Vision 2040, and the Third National Development Plan (NDP III), as well as the national commitments to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in Uganda,” reads the statement.

DGF provides financial and technical support to both state and non-state partners that work to strengthen democracy, protect human rights, improve access to justice, and enhance accountability in Uganda. However, its suspension halted funded activities of over 80 state and non-state implementing partners; and significantly impacted individuals, communities, and institutions including at the local level, that were beneficiaries of these engagements.

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