Home News Over 100 Needy families receive relief food for Xmas in Mbale City

Over 100 Needy families receive relief food for Xmas in Mbale City


Shaylah Muwala Mulungi girl’s foundation a charity organization based in Kampala in partnership with Child of hope ministries Uganda, yesterday 22nd/Dec/2022 had a community outreach in the Namatala Slum in Mbale Industrial City Division.

The two sister charity organizations did the Cleanliness on the roads in Namatala and then donated relief food items to disadvantaged homes which could get difficult to afford a meal for Christmas. 

The items which were delivered included, Rice, soap, salt, and sugar among others.

According to Ms. Lydia Mukwana the Director of Shaylah Muwala Mulungi girl’s foundation, they have been only operating in Kampala but this time they chose Mbale esp in Namatala to share little smiles with the needy during this Christmas season.

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“As Christians, we thought that we come to Mbale and share little that we have with the Needy, elderly, widows, and Orphans so that they can have what to eat on Christmas,” Lydia said.

She said that, during this festival season, shows love to the needy persons who had no hope in life.

Nyote Tracy working with Child of Hope ministries in Uganda commended Shaylah  Muwala Mulungi for helping the people of Namatala.

Tracy said that together they cleaned all the roads in Namatala to show the community members what is supposed to be done and share food with identified Needy families.

Loumo Zakaria LC1 Muvule cell in Namatala ward thanked the two charity organizations for the good work they were doing in the community.

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Marry Jiboni a 78-year-old widow resident of Muvule cell in Namatala and one of the beneficiaries, commended the charity organizations for providing her with food.

She said, she always struggles to get what to eat but this time she thank God and asked Him to reward them.

Joseph Lomilo a Kanjong and resident of Namatala also another beneficiary praised God for getting food.

“I was not expecting to get this food, with the big population in Namatala everyone is Needy but God chose me to be among those who received this food, am a lucky man.” He added.

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