Home News Mbale City’s Christmas tree lighting dominated with the messages of Unity.

Mbale City’s Christmas tree lighting dominated with the messages of Unity.


The call for peace and harmony dominated speeches at the lighting of the Christmas tree ceremony presided over by the Mbale City Mayor ahead of Christmas celebrations.

The ceremony held Thursday at Mbale City council headquarters attracted officials from the city including the mayor Namugali Cassim his deputy, Rev-Eridad Milton Shissa who represented The Rev Canon John Wilson Nandaah the Bishop of Mbale Diocese, and other officials from the technical and political wing.

Speakers at the event called for peace, justice, and harmony as critical virtues to embrace ahead of Christmas celebrations.

Mbale city mayor Namugali Cassim, said that the year 2022 posed numerous challenges including those that affected works in the city where we received little funds for road infrastructural developments.  

“The funds for roads were sent to an account for allowances but we are pushing hard to see that it goes to the right account so that we can use it before they take it back to the center,” Namugali said.

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He however said that the people of Mbale need to unite and work together in harmony. He imagined a situation where you hate your neighbor for no reason.  

Namugali said this year with all its hardships, they are trying to rehabilitate Mugisu Hill- Nabuyonga rise as they continue the talks with UNRA to take over the road so that heavy trucks can be permanent.

“We lost an Engineer of Dott services and this stopped work, the year has also taken our resident Bishop Patrick Okabe in an accident.”  He noted. 

In his speech, Rev-Eridad Milton Shissa said that by working together and loving one another, Mbale city can achieve the lot of development that it currently yearns for.

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For instance, he noted that through unity, Mbale could care for the environment and without allocating any budget, encourage people to adopt proper waste disposal of waste products to keep the green.

He emphasized the need to embrace each other as brothers and to nurture the spirit of brotherhood despite political or religious affiliations.

Elgon region police commander Mr. Otim Bosco, his emphasis was on the messages of Security, Peace, unity, and justice. He said security begins with you. 

Otim noted that he will be a happy man if Mbale city gets a peaceful Christmas because as one waits for this day others are waiting to destroy them

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