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We Can’t Sell a Brand, we haven’t Felt – Says UTB CEO Ajorova


On Friday 21, the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) launched a new face of Uganda as a tourism density at Kololo air grounds, the Pearl Of Africa Brand is what the tourism board CEO, Lilly Ajorova said was something that would significantly shape the rebuilding, restarting and most importantly winning Ugandans rightful place in the market.

Ajorova says Uganda is recognized as the most hospitable nation and has always exemplified it in its friendliness, lifestyle, and sense of hope.

She adds that Uganda has an outstanding landscape with a record of 18,783 species of fauna and Flora ranked among the top ten most bio diversified countries globally.

Uganda possesses 53.9% of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas, 50% of the bird species in Africa, 39% Africa’s mammal richness with other several unique attractions including 5000 plant species and the world’s largest tropical lake,” She said.

Why then doesn’t our tourism market share reflect our beauty she asked, there has never been any doubt about Ugandan being the pearl of Africa but the lack of clarity and consistency on it, Ajorova classified.

“If Uganda is the pearl of Africa what pearls does it have to offer for each of the travel segments and preferences?”

There has been a lack of single-mindedness messaging and or in the interpretation of what constitutes the pearl of Africa in a manner that makes it stand out and appeal to the various travel segments.”

To win the marketplace, Ajorova says that it was important that all stakeholders aligned on what makes Uganda the pearl of Africa and how to unpack that to the various travel markets around the world.

What is a brand and why is it important, she said. Uganda’s tourism industry like the rest of the global industry is at the basic made of the five A’s including, Attraction, Accessibility, Accommodation, Amenities, and Awareness which remains relevant in unpacking the first four As in a way that is relevant the meets the tourists’ needs or preferences and ultimately convincing them that Uganda is the best destination for their present and future travel needs.

We had to step back, we researched and consulted stakeholders to get a better understanding on what brings to tourists to Uganda, what gets Ugandans to travel in their country and also to find out why some tourists come only once, and why others make repeated visits,” she said.

Adding that the insights were gathered and fused in what Uganda has to offer as a destination giving meaning to a new destination brand.

Ajerova says that the new brand carries with it all the invaluable input of the nation’s leadership, a promise, and a value proposition around which they will mobilize all Ugandans tourism ecosystem to deliver to the victors all hours of the day and a lifetime persecute.

The Ugandan destination brand, therefore, is not a logo, a name, or an advertising campaign but rather the logo and the name which collectively form the brand identity and the associated communication campaigns.

I believe our brand will make us stand out in the marketplace and in the minds of the customers, how well we sustainably convert that into wins in the heart eventually the wallets of the tourists remain a persecute and the individual work of each and every Ugandan” the CEO noted.

Urging all Ugandans in all capacities, to do all the best to deliver a lifetime experience and adventure to the visitor.

She adds that we can not sell a promise that we haven’t lived on ourselves and that therefore Ugandans also needed to make it a point to explore their country using all legitimate means to tell the powerful story of where they call home.

Minister Tom Buteme also noted that the sector was standing on the strong footage as they welcomed the new brand.

He said this was both virtual to the starting and rebuilding of the sector as it provides a positive, recognizable, and firm assurance of the beauty the people and the landscape of Uganda radiates.

The brand and marketing activities are not in isolation, they complement other existing initiatives by the government to improve on the product offering and consumer experience widening opportunity for the private sector and quicken their recovery,” he added.

Saying that they were committed to increasing tourism contribution to the national development, the number of tourists, the sector contribution towards employment and income, GDP and foreign exchange income, and protecting and conserving the natural habitat that makes Uganda a presaging destination.

We have for many years been yarning for a destination brand and the advantages being remarkable provided all stakeholders can consistently work hard and render the tourism products effective and attractive giving the brand its worth,” Chairperson UTB noted.

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