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Even Fools Can’t Easily Die in Uganda – Says, Museveni

Uganda Tourism Board

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has highlighted the 10 talkable points as Uganda unveiled her new tourism brand.

The pearl of Africa brand, launched by the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) aims at making Uganda’s destination number one in the world.

Speaking during the launch at the Kololo ceremonial grounds on Friday this week, Mr. Museveni noted that while the UTB was determined to spread the gospel, Uganda was and has always been a very nice place that only needed a group of people to talk and inform the world about it.

Museveni says that the terrain of Uganda was unique in a way that it wasn’t surprising or by accident that the longest river in the world starts from Uganda thus making it the roof of Africa.

You don’t have that type of terrain in many parts of the world, the tropics and savanna are both found in Uganda, these also affects the vegetation including tropical forests, savanna grassland, mountains temperate climate rift valley all in one country,” Museveni said.

With over 50% of Africa’s bird species and mountain gorillas found in Uganda, Museveni noted the wildlife was also another aspect that the pearl was endowed with. He said this combined with the specious weather conditions characterized with outdoor movements without warming or cooling the air was something the tourists needed to look out for.

According to Museveni however, in order to keep the tourists not only visiting but also exploring Uganda,  the board needed to adapt to modernization especially in areas such as infrastructure including among others the housing which kept the family and tradition intact.

This he said a none radical movement but a logical way of adapting to change has seen some of the groups in the world managing to keep their traditional ways as well as modernize.

 “What the indigenous community is and what they have to offer is an important aspect, I don’t know how the Japanese do it but Indians live in extended families which is a very good thing socially,” he said.

Museveni Yoweri

Adding that being the original human beings, Africans needed to tell their story on how we have been able to survive as a continent.

Museveni said this would bring in a lot of attraction as tourists will want to answer questions of why and how people survive in Uganda and thus bringing in light aspects such as culture including among others the four speaking dialects in Uganda, peace, and health which he said would be interesting for the foreigners to especially learn how Africa has been able to deal with malaria, Ebola and the Covid 19 pandemic which makes them feel safe at the destination and understand Africa beyond the mystery confused by opportunists.

He, therefore, thanked the Uganda Tourism Board especially the CEO Lilly Ajorova and the team who he said have worked tirelessly and with a lot of imagination defining the difference between visiting and exploring Uganda.

Things are not comfortable whenever I move out of Uganda, country Uganda is so blessed that it even becomes so even difficult for fools to die because of her good conditions,” he argued.

Adding that he was so skeptical about what new UTB was bringing to the table, but has since met them at Nakasero State House in September 2021 and rendered support because he has seen something new.

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