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“My Life is Under Danger” Kenzo Cry out After Successful Maiden Music Concert


Edirisa Musuza alias Eddy Kenzo has said that a section on yet-to-be-known people are after his life.

Stamina hitmaker said that after his successful concert held on Saturday in Kololo ceremonial grounds, he has started receiving threats on his life.

“The threats you see on the internet against me don’t stop there are also real threats to my life. Don’t get shocked if you wake up one day when am killed,”  Kenzo told reporters on Monday

They seem to be strong Kenzo said he won’t back down no matter the negative energy that is trying to be inflicted on him.

“Politics is destroying our country, you can’t stop me from associating with other people because of their political affiliations. No, they are all our brothers and sisters,” he said 

“It’s unfortunate that those who go abroad seeking for freedom are instead taking away our freedom by forcing us to do what they want. However I forgive everyone who was fighting my festival and those who are fighting me,” he added 

“God is just using me to do whatever I have done and what am yet to do so that generations to come can copy from it and do it even 10 times more.

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He added that the negative energy makers pulled down his banners, and sent messages to the international artists stopping them from coming and issuing them with death threats. 

“Harmonize was offered 10,000 US Dollars not to come and when he turned it down they resorted to death threats,”

Eddy Kenzo also revealed that on Friday Luba Events had secured a court order to stop the Festival but by God’s grace and relevant authorities’ intervention the court order was overturned however the matter is still in Court.

Eddy Kenzo said that Luba Event failed to meet his contractual obligation before the country was on lockdown because of the Covid 19 pandemic. 

He added that Luba also used the opportunity to rip from his (KENZO) name and he was compensated over 450 million from the government and he never paid Kenzo a single penny from it.

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