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City Lawyer Writes to MUK Academic Registrar Over Dr  Tanga Odoi Convocation Woes


A section of 57 members of the Makerere University Convocation have petitioned the Academic Registrar, who is the Convocation Secretary General and patron, calling for a special meeting to move a motion of a vote of no confidence into the current leadership of Dr. Tanga Odoi, and his entire Executive.

The Makerere Convocation is an umbrella Association which brings together all Alumni of Makerere University and the serving staff, the Academic Registrar, is the Patron, the Secretary General and the Returning Officer.

On December 30, the Convocation held its AGM, where they elected the leaders who will stir the association forward, replacing Dr. Tanga and his team was elected on December 21, 2018.

During the election that later turned chaotic, Police was filmed pushing out some candidates, including Charles Odongtho who had stood for presidency.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, a section of the members led by Isaac Kwagala, the Civil Lawyer said that Odoi and his entire executive have failed to deliver their mandate.

“Dr. Tanga Odol and his Executive failed to convene the General Assembly and the Annual General meetings for 2019, 2020 and 2021 as required by Article 8.1 of the Convocation Constitution. By failing to convene the General Assembly and Annual General Meetings, the Executive usurped the powers of the General Assembly as the supreme organ of the Convocation of Makerere University,” he said adding, 

“They denied Members of the Convocation, their Constitutional right to direct the executive to perform their duties under Article 8.3 (ii and iii) of the constitution. They therefore acted ultravires to the Constitution they swore to uphold. They unilaterally spent billions of Convocation funds without approved budgets contrary to Article 9.6.1 of the Convocation Constitution that requires the budget of the Convocation to be approved by the General Assembly,”  

Some of Odoi’s executive members whom they want to be impeached are: Diana Hope Nyago the Vice Chairperson. Dr. Dues Muhwezi Kamunyu the Publicity Secretary, Justus Nuwajuns the Treasurer and the entire Members of the Executive Committee. 

“For four years, Dr. Tanga Odoi and Executive spent Convocation funds without accountability. They failed to account for funds of the Convocation, as well as money advanced to them for purposes of constructing the University Perimeter wall. They deliberately denied the general Assembly its Constitutional right to appoint external auditors contrary to Article 9.65 of the Convocation Constitution,” he said 

Speaking at the same presser, Aaron Ogutu, the Convocation member said Dr. Tanga Odoi and his Executive have been running the Convocation like a personal enterprise/private company. 

“The actions of Dr. Tanga Odoi and his Executive during their tenure of office in the leadership of the Makerere University Convocation over the last four years illustrates abuse of office of the highest order and total disregard of their fiduciary responsibility and if unchecked, it shall set a bad precedent that is likely to tarnish the image of the Convocation, the entire Membership, and by extension that of our esteemed Makerere University as an institution,” he said 

Speaking to reporters earlier this month, Dr. Odoi said those contesting the legality AGM and elections are doing it ignorantly in a selfish manner because they followed all the necessary procedures.

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