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Kadaga Attends Last Day of Nyege Nyenge


East African Affairs Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Rebecca Kadaga on Sunday graced the closure of the ‘famous’ Nyege Nyege festival.

This year’s annual event attracted over 30,000 partygoers who came from all parts of the world.

Speaking on the final day of the event, Kadaga said that he will make a presentation before parliament calling for the government to fully support and make investments in the annual festival.

“You saw all people or all nationalities eating chicken, drinking Uganda Waragi,” she said adding”I found real economic empowerment among our community. Small people have been able to sell their eggs, their chicken, meat, and drinks; I even found someone selling sweets,”

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A few days before it’s happening, Parliament led by Speaker Among vowed to deter the event, citing moral decays. Prime Minister Nabanja the following day cleared the event. And in support of Kadaga during the Kyabazinga’s 8th anniversary bashed the people who tried to stop the festival.

Kadagaa thanked the organizers for making Itanda their home and positioning Nyege Nyege as the biggest festival in Eastern Central Africa.

With an estimated 30,000 people attending this year’s Nyege Nyege, compared to about 10,000 in the last event in 2019, Hillary Baguma, the Brand.

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