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Dr. Muhammad Lubega Wins UMSC Chairman Race after Businessman Basajabalaba Kicked Out of the Race


Dr Muhammad Lubega Kisambira has been elected Chairman of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC).

Dr Kisambira was declared the winner after garnering 119  votes, followed by Sheikh Kassim Kamugisha who got 116 votes and Sheikh Twaha Gwaivu 12 votes.

He will hold the position for five years between 2022 and 2026.

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Dr Lubega won the race, shortly after Sheikh Shaban Ranathan Mubajje ordered the removal of City businessman Hajji Hassan Basajabalaba from the race.

During the polls held at the UMSC head offices in Kampala on Sunday, Mubajje directly told Basajabalaba that,

“I have no problem with you, I remember when I lost my Brother you sent me a condolence fee, I lost a sister and you did send, thank you my friend” But with the issues of UMSC I won’t violate the constitution,” he said

According to the Constitution of UMSC, anybody holding a criminal record is not allowed to contest for the Office of the Chairman and Deputy Chairman.

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Sub Section (e) states that: “The Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson shall be non-convicted of any criminal charge under the laws of Uganda and has never been impeached by UMSC at any time.

Basajabalaba was charged by Anti Corruption Court on Jan 16, 2013, according to New Vision.

He was also impeached when he was a chairman because of 3 vehicles that got lost.

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