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UNCC, Nigerian High Commission to Hold Impression Art Competition This March


The Uganda National Cultural Centre (UNCC) in partnership with the High Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Kampala will on March 30, hold an international visual art competition.

The competition will be held at the Nommo Gallery in Kampala and students from tertiary institutions in Uganda and the Nigerian community in Uganda will participate in it.

“The competition will engage tertiary institutions for close to two weeks to get the best four art pieces per institution, involving both the Nigerian community in Uganda and Ugandan students in a visual display of expressive thoughts and ideas,” Robert Musiitwa, the Head of Public Relations and Marketing at UNCC said in a press statement.

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“The competition offers a varied range of awards, ranging from monetary, exhibition, exposure, art residency exchange programs, exhibition, certificates, and many more for participants and eventual winners,” he added.

This year’s competition will be held under the theme “My impression of Nigeria, My impression of Uganda.

Musiitwa said that the activity is aimed at strengthening the bilateral cultural relations between Uganda and Nigeria.

“All participants will be guided by the competent technical team to work within the above-set theme of the competition,” he said adding,

“All Ugandan students will create works around the sub-theme of “MY IMPRESSION OF NIGERIA” and all Nigerian participants will create works under the sub-theme of “MY IMPRESSION OF UGANDA”

Philip Balimunsi, the Curator of UNCC Nommo Gallery said that the competition is curated to host a series of activities ranging from documentation, television/radio interviews, and school tours, and will climax with an exhibition and cultural display launch and an award-giving ceremony.

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According to Balimunsi, the competition aims at the Objectives of interrogating and writing the impression, narratives, and perceptions that people have about the two countries; strengthening the Creative and cultural Ties, promoting Cultural Exchange between the two countries, promoting Pan-Africanism and organizing and Curate an Annual Art competition that recognizes and appreciates artistic talents in Nigeria and Uganda.

The major activities, he said will include among others; project conceptualization & Development, an open call for participation qualification pre-selection and acquisition, and conducting tours to tertiary institutions.

Others will be; announcing the Jury, press releases, media Interviews exhibitions

“The projects seek to attract visual arts participants of both Nigerian and Ugandan origin, aged 18 and above, from Uganda’s tertiary institutions and the Nigerian community in Uganda and globally. The selection committee will choose at least four students per institution from the twelve tertiary institutions identified to participate in the competition,”


Musiitwa said that all the 48 pre-qualified participants will receive a certificate of participation and an opportunity to feature alongside the 20 top submissions selected by the committee of jurors in the competition catalog and exhibition that will be on display at Nommo Gallery until April 2023.

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“The top 10 artists will be awarded plaques, and the top 3 winners with cash of; Shs2m to the winner, Shs1.5m to the first runner-up, and Shs1m to the second runner-up at an award ceremony and exhibition launch scheduled for Thursday 30 March 2023,

The Jury:

Balimumsi said a jury of five prominent visual art practitioners with good repute from both Nigeria and Uganda will be announced a week before the deadline for the submission of works by participants.

“The jury will be responsible for selecting the final twenty best participants and eventually the winners at the different levels of the competition,” he said adding,

“The decision of the jury will be documented, signed, and forwarded to the organizing committee for awarding, invitation, and exhibition planning for the final event,”

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