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Zaake’s happiness shortlived as AG Appeals Constitutional Court Ruling


The Attorney General, Kiryowa Kiwanuka has filed a notice of Appeal blocking Mityana legislator Mr. Zaake’s Court victory.
Zaake who was scrapped off his parliamentary commissioner recently was today overjoyed after the Constitutional Court ruled in his favor.
“She will pay me all the money I have spent on this case and all the salaries I was supposed to earn for all the months I have spent without working,” he told reporters.
Court based it’s decision after ruling that several parliamentary rules of procedure were illegally suspended.
These suspensions included amending the order paper to include a resolution to expel Zaake from the commission.
But before the day ends, Zaake’s happiness have been shortlived.
Sources in Parliament have intimated to this website that Mr Kiwanuka have filed an Appeal to challenge the court ruling.
According to the sources, the AG said in the Appeal that thhe conduct of Members of Parliament even though online, must conform to the code that they agreed upon when they passed the rules of procedure of the 11th Parliament.
“Parlaiment did not abdicate its responsibility to provide for different quorums for different purposes as it is required by article 88.The Rules of procedure of Parliament in respect to Quorum are therefore consistent with Article 88(2)of the constitution,”
“I would therefore find that the quorum of the committee on rules ,privileges and discipline on signing the report on the inquiry into allegations of misconduct and misbehavior against Hon Zaake ,was consistent with both Rules 197(1)and (2) of the Rules of procedure and that in addition , the report of the committee on rules was a valid report pursuant to the Rules of procedure of Parliament and the code of conduct thereunder ,consistent with Rules 85 and 175 thereof,” it adds,
Concluding, “The order to annul the report of the committee on Rules, privileges and privilege on the investigation against the alleged misconduct and misbehavior of Hon Francis Zaake Butebi is denied; Parliament may implement the recommendations in the report in conformity with the Law,”

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