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‘You are a Disgrace to Our Union’  COFTU CEC Throw Embattled Lyomoki Out of Office


Dr. Sam Lyomoki, the Secretary General of the Central Organization of Free Trade Unions (COFTU) has been thrown out of Office.

Dr. Lyomoki was fired on Saturday by a section of COFTU CEC members who convened at Twin Tower Hotel in Kampala.

He was replaced by Anthony Wanyama who  working in Acting capacity until the next elections.

Dr. Lyomoki has been entailed in the NSSF saga. He is accused of illegally nominating himself together with his girlfriend on the NSSF Board.

He also withdraw Shs100m from NSSF on behalf of COFTU without the knowledge of the COFTU Board.

Speaking at the meeting, Milton Turyareeba the  Chairman General of  COFTU described Lyomoki as a disgrace to their Union.

“We wrote to him and his colleagues to come and face us and defend themselves but repeatedly refused,” he said 

Others changes was the election of Mbabazi Joseph as the Acting treasurer general, Robert Kenno elected as First Deputy Secretary General and Nandutu Harriet as Second Secretary General, alongside maintaining. 

The new interim executive team committed to work and shade sweat to revamp the entity that has since gone to sleep in its 20 years of existence. 

“Our structures must be respected inorder to win back public trust especially with the new leadership at hand. We have miles to move to make the labor center strong if we are united,” committee team committed. 

“COFTU has been a rotten center, but we want to make it strong. We have to work together and adressour issues by utilizing what we have,” Wanyama, the acting Secretary General, COFTU roared.

Robert Kenno, 1st Deputy Secretary General said that they have been missing a lot from COFTU, International Labor Organization, Withdrawing of government support as they have been looking at us as  thieves. In the process, we have lost many donations.

The National labour center founded in 2003, believed this move shall help in revamping the strength  of the entity.

COFTU is a national labor center consisting of a very competent and intellectually founded team of elites but whose efforts have not been fully utilized.

Dr. Lyomoki Responds

In a counter press statement, Dr. Lyomoki described the CEC members as a group of some masqueraders and non-members of COFTU and whatever was decided was illegal.

“Even though the purported move flopped, we suspect the motive of such glaring recklessness is to defraud the public, hijack COFTU, disorganize the labour movement and divert workers from the real issues of the day. The matter has been reported to police to investigate the real motives with a view of prosecuting the perpetrators,” he said 

The leadership and members of COFTU, did was further informed that the Truth and Reconciliation Panel (TRP) shall start sitting in the coming week as shall be communicated and an emergency meeting of CEC shall sit on 31st March 2023, to consider the outcomes of the TRP, as guided by the previous CEC sitting of 28th February 2023.

“The public, the labour movement and the general workers fraternity are advised that there is no change in the leadership of COFTU and that they should continue ignoring falsehood, blackmail and negativity from masqueraders, mercenaries and non-members of COFTU,” he noted.

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