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We Shall never sell our souls & people says NUP president 

Bobi Wine speaking at the signing ceremony

The president of the National Unity Platform, Robert Kyagulanyi has vowed never to betray the legacy of his mentor the late Dr. Paul Kawanga Ssemwogerere, and that he will never sell his soul or that his people 

Kyagulanyi who was addressing the mourners at Nkumba yesterday during the burial of the late noted that many of those whom he had entrusted with his legacy and that of Ben Kiwanuka had already sold it to the dictator some even when he was still alive and that they were noticing pretending to be green outside but are actually yellow inside.

“Just two weeks ago you told me that he had never visited you, not even once since he made a covenant with the devil. He was too ashamed to look in your eyes while they were still open, but I know that you can still see him,” Kyagulanyi noted

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Adding that while they knew that the political model died a very disappointed man, they also knew that he died a very hopeful man and that Hopeful because he had taught them but also prepared them. 

“We will keep the hope alive. We will never sell our souls and our people, KIKAFUUWE! We shall never betray our culture even when our culture betrays us. We shall always be disciples and descendants of Paul Kawanga Ssemwogerere,” he emphasized.

Thanking the former Presidential candidates for the lessons that he gave and for being a good example and that those whom he entrusted will as well and that those he warned knew them as well with their expensive suits but can no longer fall for their foolery, and that they see them with their soldiers and their guns but they are not intimidated.

He thus urged that the spirit of the late Dr continued guiding them and that it should never leave them alone; continue fighting with them and through them, always visit them, in any way it can, whether in their dreams or in meditation and that they shall continue his legacy, tell stories about him to their children and grandchildren and always live in their hearts In our hearts.

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Different leaders from other aspects including political, religious, and cultural also praised the late Dr for his timely contribution towards shaping the country’s political scene and that throughout his journey he groomed better leaders and above all believed in unity for all.

Buganda’s premier for example in his speech mentioned that it will take ages for Uganda to achieve her aspiration if there weren’t leaders of like.

The katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga described Dr. Ssemwogerere as a politician who respected and honored his word and was never a man who took politics as a mere game like it’s a common trend among the current leaders.

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