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“We Shall Apply Force, Where Dialogue Fail” New Mak Guild President tells Administration


 Lawrence Alionzi, the newly elected and sworn-in guild president of Makerere University has pledged to use all means to fight for the rights of students.

In his inaugural speech, the touch-talking Alionzi said his leadership will “uphold dialogue and intellectual discourse,” while dealing with the management on pertinent issues.

“Students had abandoned the students’ guild. We want to restore that trust in them and as I said, we shall use all amount of dialogue but should it fail, we shall apply other means,” he said 

“We shall start by engaging the management on their plans on increasing the lecture rooms since many students are suffering because of it. We shall also tackle the issue of the renovation of halls of residences for example Lumumba Hall has been closed for sometimes but we have never seen a single block there,” he said.

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HE Alionzi, his predecessor Shamimu Nambassa, Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Finance and Administration pose for a group photo with other students leaders at the swearing-in ceremony

He made these remarks, shortly after being sworn in as the 88th Guild president of Makerere University.

In his speech that was read to students by Prof. Henry Alinaitwe, the Ag. Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Finance and Administration, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe, the Vice Chancellor of Makerere University called upon the gallant students of Makerere University to desist from using chaos while expressing their grievances.

Some of the officials, students, and leaders who graced the function

Prof. Nawangwe said all issues can be resolved amicably by use of dialogue “and solutions be found” without necessarily using force and strikes.

“We can address issues without chaos, let’s desist from using force and chaos whenever there is a pressing issue, our goal is to ensure that you (students) are served properly because as management we can’t exist without you students,” he said 

Nawangwe, who congratulated the new leadership upon their success in the peaceful polls, urged them to uphold dialogue and intellectual disorder.

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“Let’s avoid physical wars, let’s have a war based on reasoning don’t involve in the riots and your parents start calling, looking for you when you are in police cells,” he said.

While handing over the Office to HE Alionzi, HE Shamim Nambassa the 87th Guild president asked the entire new guild leadership to be result oriented.

Shamim Nambassa, the outgoing Guild President of Makerere University speaking at the swearing-in ceremony of her successor

“There is going to be a lot of politics in your leadership. Stand with Makererians you have promised people to be accountable to them for the time you will spend in the office,” she said 

“Always remember what you have promised us, for what we voted for you,” she added.

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