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We don’t accuse anyone of our President’s death, says Iranian Ambassador


The Iranian Ambassador to Uganda, Majid Saffar, has said that they as country do not accuse anyone on the death of their president.

“Death is death,” he said, adding, “He died on duty. We are not accusing anybody for the death of our president,” 

The Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi passed away while on duty in a mountainous region, along with all his Foreign Minister and other officials.

Speaking to to reporters during a Media Workshop 2024 held at the Cultural Consulate of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Wednesday, May 22, Mr Safar said the President died a hero.

“We have received so many messages of sympathies from all over the world,” 

Shortly after the death of the officials, speculators traded news that there was an assassination possibility, which the Ambassador watered down.

Meanwhile he also said that the relationship between Uganda and Iran won’t be affected by those tragic death.

“The bilateral partnership between Uganda and Iran is strong and will continue to grow,” Ambassador Saffar said. 

“We will follow through on the agreements made between our countries, and we are committed to deepening our cooperation in various sectors, including trade, agriculture, and infrastructure development.” he added.

His comments come a day after the Foreign Affairs State Minister OKello Oryem on behalf of government eulogised the deceased whom he said was a great pillar in the relationship of the two countries.

In 2023, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi paid a historic visit to Uganda to strengthen bilateral relations and expand cooperation.

The visit marked a significant milestone in the two nations’ relations, with several key agreements and commitments made.

During the visit, President Raisi and Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni held high-level talks, focusing on trade, energy, agriculture, and technology.

The two leaders agreed to strengthen cooperation and trade between their countries, with Iran pledging support for Uganda’s oil refinery project.

The agreement sought to enhance economic and political ties between Iran and Uganda.

The two nations also agreed to expand relations in politics, society, science, and technology, exchanging experiences in areas like energy, oil, and technology.

In addition, the two countries committed to cooperating in agriculture, fisheries, animal health, and livestock production.


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