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Joshua Wilber Musimami is Our Next King, To Rule For 10 Years; Bugwere Cultural Institution Prime Minister Declares

Joshua Wilber Musimami, the new Ikumbania Wa Bagwere

Joel Mugulusi the Prime Minister of the Obwa Ikumbania Bwa Bugwere has declared Joshua Wilber Musimami, the son of the late Wayabire as the legitimate leader of Bagwere.

Musimami was declared as the leader, unopposed after his would-be competitors Hussein Mwima and Dauda Magwe stepped down in his favor, hours to the polls, which aimed at replacing the king who succumbed to covid-19 in 2021.

A parallel faction led by one Tom Mbulamberi later organized their own polls where he was declared the winner.

Joel Mugulusi the Prime Minister of Obwa Ikumbania Bwa Bagwere speaking to reporters at his Office on Saturday

As given powers by Sec 7.42 (1) of Obwa Ikumbania Bwa Bugwere Constitution 2013 under Duties and Responsibilities of the Prime Minister, where he is the spokesperson of Ohwa Ikumbania,” Mugulusi on Saturday told reporters that the rival faction is fraudsters, impersonating as Bugwere top leadership.

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“The Bugwere council which was properly convened by the Chairperson and 1″ Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Kurya Badru with my consent on 25 days of June 2022 in my home in Nabiswa Kibuku District unanimously resolved to hold elections of the Cultural leader (IKUMBANIA) for it was long overdone yet 1 had already submitted a register of clan heads and the road map to our line Ministry and also the Chairperson Bugwere Cultural Council and I” Deputy Prime Minister had sought permission from the Inspector General of Police under the Public Order Management Act and was Okayed On 30 March 2022,” he said 

He added that they further agreed that since the previous Cultural Council held on 26/04/2022 at Butebo had approved the Election Committee members and were sworn in, Kyaita Difasi and Wakikye Jenipha among others and they are near to be invited to serve as Returning and Assistant Returning Officers respectively.

This, he said was done and they accepted the offer and they conducted the election, where Musimami, Mwima, and Magwe competed.

“The latter two stepped down in favor of Mr. Musimami Joshua Wilber who was declared unopposed and declared by the Returning Officer as the Ikumbania. elect,”

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“Thereafter he was officially handed to the Chairperson Cultural Council who installed him before the Council and presented to the Commissioner of Oath for Oath of Ikumbania and Allegiance which he performed,” 

Sec. 6 4 (a) of our Institution Constitution states that “any member of the electorate who complain about the nomination, election, counting and the decision of the returning officer petition or Court order has a within fourteen (14) days after act.

Mugulusi’s statement to the entire Bagwere

Mugulusi said that the said period, however, expired with no complaint.

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After getting support from the government through Hon. Peace Mutuzo the Minister of State for Gender and Culture, who asked Mbulambeni to back off, Mugulusi announced the next steps.

“The Minister advised him that the election was null and void and therefore suspended. But he did not heed the advice. In the same letter the Minister mentioned the court order in which Mbulambeni Tom, Wayahire Geoffrey, Kamogo Fred, Eric Kasolo, Jamada Muwandiki, Muwereza Casitafasi, Amita Mujeere, Moaz Kemba, and Kirya Stephen petitioned Mubala in court pending its disposal,” he said 

“These people went to court on their own without the consent of the Cultural Council they are individually held liable. This, therefore, exonerates Obwa Ikumbana Bwa Bugwere and its legitimate leadership from the said court case,” 

What Next

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Mugulusi, using his powers bestowed on him as the Prime Minister in the Institution’s Constitution Sec. 714, officially pronounce that His Highness MUSIMAMI JOSHUA WILBER is the Ikumbania of Bugwere.

 “Ikumbana shall be in office for Ten years renewable once According to art. 7 see 7.13 the Chairperson Cultural Council shall decorate the new Ikumbania hand over instruments of power on Saturday the 26 November 2022 1, the Prime Minister today the 3 days of September 2022 under section 5.5.20h) take the honor to dissolve the previous cabinet and the new cabinet shall be announced on Saturday the 10 September 2022,” he said 

“Furthermore, the Cultural Council remains normally operating under the Chairpersonship of Mr. Kirya Badru and the Isimoola, Since the cabinet has been dissolved shall be fully constituted when the new Cabinet is formed and the speaker Mr. Jacob Marso remains,” he added.

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