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“Wanyoto Has Never Intended to Grab Our Land,” Nabweya Muslims Trash Malicious Social Media Allegations


Muslim leaders of Abubakar Swidiq Mosque in Nabweya Lumumba Cell in the Northern City division of Mbale City have distanced themselves from what they called false social media allegations claiming that they are accusing Hon. Lydia Wanyoto, the National Chairperson of the NRM Women’s League has the intention of stealing their land.

Earlier this week, social media was awash with stories where a section of Muslim leaders from this Mosque accused the former Mbale City Woman MP contestant of trying to grab part of their Mosque Land.

According to the stories, the said Muslims said that Wanyoto had placed his posters on their land, an indication that he was intending to steal their land.

However, on Saturday, the leaders in this Mosque came out and refuted the allegations.

These said that whoever is behind this must have done it to spoil the good relationship they have with Wanyoto yet she has been so supportive towards them. 

Leaders say Wanyoto has supported them in many projects so she doesn’t have any intention of grabbing their land
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Safiyu Wagali the Imam of this mosque said that they have never accused Wanyoto of grabbing their land as it reportedly circulated by what he called “social media bloggers” and so they distance themselves because they are not aware of the allegations. 

Uthman Wandera the Mosque’s Deputy Imam, like his superior said that they currently have a good relationship with Wanyoto and so have no reason to start up small fights.

“The person who falsely quoted his name in the defaming stories against Wanyoto should be arrested and that is willing to take serious actions on to whoever did it,” he said 

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Shaluwa Butema the area woman councilor said that Wanyoto has always been supportive towards the mosque and Muslims in the area adding that her generosity is so welcoming that she bought prayer mats and always provide food during the fasting period. 

Abubakar Mohammad Kizza the sheikh Twale says that they don’t have any proof of the allegations and that those behind it are up to damaging the Muslim image and respect and should be also having grudges as politicians. Adds that as Muslims they are together with Wanyoto and that she has never encroached or claimed any Muslim property. 

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Some of the Muslims at the said Mosque

Zakalia Safiyu Nangoli chairperson Lc1 Lumumba cell says that they want to investigate where these allegations originate from. 

The mosque on this land started in 1998 and was later demolished and replaced with a new one in 2008 being utilized up to date

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