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Vacate Entebbe Airport Now, Museveni orders CMI


President Museveni has ordered the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) operatives to with immediate effect, vacate Entebbe International Airport.

Museveni who expressed his displeasure, questioned the presence of CMI at the airport, emphasizing that their role was in counterintelligence, not airport operations.

“I have discovered that my instructions were not worked upon. What is CMI still doing at the airport? Are they air traffic controllers? The airport is for immigration and police,” he said.

During the pass-out ceremony of 2,717 police constables and immigration officers at Police Training School Kabalye in Masindi District, President Museveni asked senior military officers, including Maj Gen Leopold Kyanda, to explain why his instructions had not been implemented. Kyanda mentioned CMI’s involvement in counter-terrorism operations and detecting potential suspects entering the country.

President Museveni clarified that CMI’s focus should be on spying on foreign armies and conducting counterintelligence within the military, particularly in the bush, not at the airport. He expressed dissatisfaction with CMI’s joint operations at the airport, citing instances of alleged illegal arrests and suspicious activities.

Addressing outdated search methods at security checkpoints, President Museveni called for more civilized and less invasive approaches. He specifically criticized the practice of physically searching women’s breasts, emphasizing the need for better, non-intrusive methods that respect individuals’ privacy.

“I am now insisting on the electronic number plates, please. I want my number, no one should claim them. These intelligent number plates for the vehicles will help to track the terrorists” Museveni said.

The President also highlighted concerns about CMI’s conduct during the Covid-19 lockdown, citing accusations of gold theft from American buyers and the controversial arrest of a Rwandan refugee, Robert Mukombozi, at the airport.

President Museveni ordered the removal of CMI from the airport, emphasized their primary role in counterintelligence, criticized archaic search methods, and called for a more respectful approach to security screening.

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