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UWA to Unveil Treasures in Elgon Region


Uganda Worldlife Authority is set to unveil the treasures  in  the Elgon region under the theme: explore Elgon Christmas tour campaign.

This will be done with am aim of promoting tourism sites, attractions ,experiences, and activities in the eastern Region.

The program which is commensing on December 20, will run until   December 23, was launched by the state minister for tourism, wildlifand antiquities Uganda on 8th December 2022.

The campaign team from Kampala led by the state  minister for tourism, worldlife and antiquities Uganda bahinduka mugara martin will join the mbale community to imbalu dance, sipi climb challenge, hiking the imposing wanale hill and cultural experiences and also culinary. 

Kizza Fredrick the chief warden UWA Mt Elgon conservation area says that there is need to increase the number of tourists in the region from the accidental 10% to at least 30% tourists in order to boost social economic development in the Elgon region. 

Okwae James the senior warden says that they need to change the mind set of the people of of Elgon region that tourism starts at home then tourism will move to its peak. 

Cassim Namugali the Mbale City  Mayor says that Elgon region has a very high potential to have all the visitors all over the world but it is only getting around 10% that doesn’t demonstrate the potential they have. 

He adds that they are trying to customize tourism to a regional level since it has  has been national. This will help creat an active city where people will be able to get jobs and work thought out. 

Mt Elgon is surrounded by over 8 districts in Uganda and surrounded by an international in from Kenya. It is a prominent mountain with a volcano which is surrounded by the largest caldera  wagagai in the world.

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