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UPC to Gov’t: Increase Salaries of Police Officers


The Uganda People’s Congress has called upon government to increase the salaries of Police Officers in order to uplift their spirit of fighting crime.

Government has in the FY2023/24, planned to increase the salaries of UPDF offocers. Government plans to increase their salaries so that the lowest paid UPDF Officer earns Shs1m.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Sharon Oyat Arach, the UPC Spokesperson said that government should consider uplifting police officers’ salaries to.

“UPC urges Government to prioritise uplifting the morale of UPF by enhancing on their salaries, fringe benefits, and good accommodation facilities for police officers across the country,” she said adding,

“This needs to be embarked on as early as possible,” 

Arach was speaking in wake of the recently released annual crime report by Police for the year 2022.  

“UPC and the country at large appreciate and use this report as a foundation to determine the crime rate and their occurrences in the various parts of the country,” she said 

According to the UPF report, there was an increase of 35,572 (18%) registered cases in the number of crimes reported to Police countrywide from 196,081 cases in 2021 to 231,653 cases in 2022. 

Some cases like thefts, assaults, drug trafficking, domestic violence, land related cases/conflicts, suicides and mob justice are on the increase, which causes great concern to our communities and calls for utmost attention to stop them (crimes). 

Other crimes which attracted focus are road traffic related offences resulting mainly from careless driving on our roads. It is also reported that during covid-19 lockdowns, most vehicles were parked and their tyres got weaker and developed other mechanical problems as well which were not adequately attended to thus bursting while driving and leading to some fatal accidents. The Boda Boda riders also remain a menace on roads as they do not fully observe traffic laws.

For UPF to manage and carry out its work effectively, Arach said that it should come up with better refined strategies for crime prevention and reduction. 

The report also identified the key areas to be addressed, which calls for massive financial support towards UPF to upgrade its man-power (training and skilling), and effectively apply science and technology in most of its work as they are the mainstay of investigations. 

For instance; availability of CCTV cameras in all places, advanced forensic science, better canine breeds, telephone tracking devices and digitalisation of a crime from the time it is reported to the final stage of court processes.

It should also be noted that the criminals live within our societies and the communities are sometimes reluctant to tip off police of their criminal movements and whereabouts for their security purposes. 

Therefore, if community policing is encouraged and practiced with all the total confidentiality it deserves, UPF shall secure faster successes with lesser costs. This will help in bridging the gap and tightening the bond of trust between the police and public.

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