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Ugandans Protest Russian Minister’s Visit

Activists are against Larvov's visit to Uganda

A section of Ugandan activists are against the visit of Russia’s foreign Minister Sergey Larvov to the country, accusing Russia for invading Ukraine.

Russia’s foreign minister Sajay Lavlov is in Uganda as part of his 4 days working visit which will see him visit up to 4 African countries.

The activists under the name Ukraine solidarity committee Uganda chapter, brand the Russia, Ukrainian war an insult to human rights, rule of law, democracy as well as against state sovereignty, which principle must be jealously protect

Githum Eric Opondo the committee’s general secretary, says Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, has created ripple effect problems to humanity all over the world, starting from food shortage to increased fuel prices across the globe.

According to Opondo, the effects of the Ukrainian invasion by Russia has put Africa and the entire world at a very vulnerable point, and its a mockery for Lavlov to visit.

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“The world and Uganda are going through a crisis as a result of Mr Lavlov’s country’s unlawful attack on a sovereign state, is he here to monk us or brag around with the food donations. We reject this symbolic donations.”

Stopping of the entire war, to Opondo is the ultimate solution to the ongoing crisis, and will allow business to normally resume.

Worthy to note is that Russia and Ukraine are the world’s main producers of wheat, and any occurrences in their territories, affect wheat market in the whole world.

Opondo adds that Russia has to compensate all international agencies that suffered contract cancellations as a result of this war, as well as damages for losses due to the closure of the black sea which disrupted transportation.

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“Russia must compensate all the affected parties including Africa where some of her children are now missing school in Ukraine, the Ukrainian government whose people are killed and economic activities halted, and international companies which suffered business disruptions over a senseless war.” Opondo explains.

Yusuf Makanga the committee chairperson, says that the world should know that Ukraine never wanted to fight stating that it’s Russia that started the war also adding that they are going to petition the Russian embassy in Uganda with a document signed on by all the affected parties.

“We are not stopping at this, we are preparing a documents which all parents, students and other people who are suffering because of this war will sign on and presents it to the Russian embassy to make statement on these people’s behalf” he says.

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