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Ugandans lose billions as capital chicken mysteriously closes


Ugandans were yesterday shocked to hear the news of the mysterious closer of Capital chicken Ltd.

These made millions of Ugandans who had entrusted them with billions to lose their investment as the company where about a are still unknown.

Capital chicken Ltd is a literally quack investment hub where Ugandans who would like to engage in profitable chicken farming would go invest and get returns after five months.

The profits range from 50℅ to 60℅ depending on the investment which ranges from Shs1m to Shs6m.

Company responds

In a press statement yesterday, the company management said it had not permanently closed and will be back on track again.

They further said that they did not run with the farmers money as alleged.

“We have been forced to temporarily close following a Capital Markets Authority News Release discrediting us about two weeks ago and the subsequent freeze of our Accounts by the FIA that has made it impossible for us to run normal operations,” the statement reads in part.

“We call upon our Farming Partners to be calm as we navigate the Turbulence created by the various agencies  who should have instead engaged us on Regulatory issues if indeed, the intention was to streamline our operations,” it adds.

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