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UG Standard’s Javira Ssebwami to Speak to Fellow Online Media Owners on Revenue Generation, Sustainability Amidst Covid-19


Mr. Javira Ssebwami Nsimbe, one of the leading enthusiastic online media practitioners, the co-founder, and the team leader at UG Standard will on Friday speak to fellow online media proprietors about generating revenue and sustaining online media in the post-covid era.

UG Standard is an equally authoritative and professional news website in Uganda

Ssebwami, according to the UG Standard will be hosted by Ultimate Multimedia Consult (U) Ltd (UMC), one of the top multimedia journalism and communications firms on Friday, July 29 at 2 PM.

After the outbreak of covid-19, many media houses were forced to lay off some of their workers, others slashed their salaries due to the negative impact of covid-19.

In this post-covid era, the media is still grappling with finances, Mr. Ssebwami will speak about online media revenue generation, putting great emphasis on sustainability and opportunities in the digital space.

Mr. Ssebwami, who holds seven years’ experience in online journalism, is expected to share a wide-ranging experience— drawing on success stories from his previous exposures including PML Daily where is an active contributor.

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Vincent Nathan Lusambya one of the Co-founder and Editor of DaParrot Media Co. Ltd said in an interview that Mr. Ssebwami was instrumental in providing him with technical advice, “especially when we had just started,”

“I met him on several occasions, we discussed especially on the issue of generating revenue, I am glad that when we implemented some of the advice, he gave us liking doing well-detailed stories, we attracted some business,” he said

“Mr. Ssebwami has always responded to my requests, these issues of online media operations need persistent advice, one cannot necessarily give you money but even strategies alone are of great help, as I talk, DaParrot is growing every day in form of readership because of his advice, accompanied with our team of young innovative employees who discover new products every day,” he said

According to UG Standard, the Friday session will be moderated by a digital communication consultant and trainer Mr. Edward Tumwine, and will be relayed via a live zoom link— starting Friday, July 29 at 2:00 PM (link attached), according to organizers.

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“It will be an honor to share with colleagues the dynamics in the digital space and how each one of us can benefit,” Ssebwami told the UG Standard on Tuesday.

Mr. Ssebwami who is also a public editor at UG Standard, separately runs a media marketing agency, Sahel Media Solutions which offers brands value in the fast-changing landscape.

He is also a team leader at Green Alliance for Sustainability (GAS Uganda), a Ugandan environment and conservation NGO.

It is public knowledge that the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in huge financial pressures on media houses especially the online media with little or no revenue from advertisers, the main source of income for most media houses.

The absence of advertisers and sponsors for content generation means that they can no longer make enough money to sustain their wage bills and other running costs.

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