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UCAA Cautions Public Against Extortion at Entebbe Airport 


The Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) has  on Thursday 19, cautioned the public against paying any form of money to any staff they interface with during their course of travel through the Entebbe national airport

This has followed numerous reports and claims of Ugandans especially through their tik tok accounts accusing staff at the airport for extorting money (around shs 500,000)  in their persecute to fly abroad visa-vi meeting all required documents and criteria

In a statement released by the authority however, acknowledge that this has been a previous vice and that investigations therein have been conducted and staff from different agencies put to account

“we would like to assure the public that the previously reported cases with details have been thoroughly investigated and where staff of various agencies operating at the airport were found culpable , serious disciplinary action was taken , including termination of contracts and withdraw of airport access passes from them,” statement reads in part 

Adding that the public should therefore desist from engaging in any inappropriate financial  dealings with any person with in the airport such as exchange of money or favours and that they should immediately report any cases regardless of whether they have already exited the airport 

In this regard, any dealing thus-for were to be taken as criminal despite which party will be promoting it

The authority therefore urged the public be remain as coperative sharing the specific and timely  details in terms of dates , time , particular check points and flights details to speed up the investigations also guide in action to be taken unlike the previous cases that have failed due to lack of enough evidence

This they said will be in addition to their state of art security equipment which allows for cameras to strategically capture incidents that take place at the airport.

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