Home News Mbale Industrial City Division, boda boda operators clash over tax payment proposal. 

Mbale Industrial City Division, boda boda operators clash over tax payment proposal. 


There is a bitter disagreement between the Mbale Industrial City Council, councilors, and boda boda operators over the proposal of tax payment.

On Tuesday 31fst May 2022, Mbale industrial city division authorities approved a proposed plan to streamline boda boda operations by making them pay a levy of 40,000 on every rider from the 150 stages to facilitate the registration process and also possession of identity cards. 

Kasaja Musa the speaker industrial city division says that the approved verdict of 40000 is not a tax but to facilitate the registration and also issuing of identity cards, stickers, designation, and gazette stages. 

However, the proposal was disagreed by some councilors who said this is to benefit particular persons at the council and so opposed it. 

Badrudeen Wamundu Muyeesa the speaker of the Mbale Boda Boda Association say that the force and pressure the council has come up with is in bad faith and so they are not ready to be misled. Adds that these councilors are businessmen who are up to something but not willing to help the local person. 

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He says that boda boda operators were the last people to be lifted on covid 19 restrictions and also with the hiking fuel prices and so why them on this proposal. 

Wamundu adds that the council should have consulted about the impact of this policy before approval. 

Mafabi Adam the coordinator of Mbale Boda Boda Association says that should leave every sector with its responsibility adding that they haven’t understood the whereabouts of the 40000.

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