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Patients Share Beds in Mbale Hospital


The increasing number of patients in Mbale regional referral hospital is so worrying that patients are sharing beds based on the survey by the members of parliament today at the hospital. 

According to Julia  Nambeso, a pediatrician and the acting head of unit pediatrics says that they admit over 150 children every day and over 90% of the children have malaria complications. 

Nambeso adds that they lose one child per day on average totaling to 30children per month

Dr. Sara opendi the chairperson public accounts committee says that the children’s ward looks like a marketplace due to the overcrowding which she attributed to the lack of blood transfusion in health centers that would provide services to some patients. 

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She says that they got overwhelmed by the number of patients which has made it so unfortunate that the hospital supposed to provide specialized services is providing basic services. 

Dr. Sara adds that the drugs that the hospital needs are also underfunded as per the budget estimate of 3.6 billion ug shs but unfortunately they receive just a half of it.

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She says that the new site-building that may help in creating space may take more than three years to accomplish if the ministry of finance doesn’t front-load facilities to ease and fasten the construction process. 

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Modoi Isaac the member of parliament Bududa Bushehe says that this can be avoided if parents look into the basics of preventing than curing by using mosquito nets, good feeding, and good sanitation. Isaac says that children are malnourished and badly fed ending up being Volunarable to sickness. 

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Twaiganawa Emanuel the hospital director says that it is not ideal but the current situation is unavoidable in terms of space which has forced patients to share beds one bed having over five patients.

He attributes this to the patients’ attendants who come more than two just to attend to patients causing a crowd in the hospital. 

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