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The Micheal Ejullu I Knew; Tribute to My Brother, Hero!


By Busein Samilu

At exactly 6 am on Wednesday, this week, as I was preparing to go to Speke Resort Munyonyo for my fieldwork, I received a call from a new number.

“Hello,” a lady said, “Hi” I responded, “Am I speaking to Samir? She asked “Yes” I responded

Then she broke the most shocking 2022 news to me, “Ejullu  Micheal is dead. He died this morning,” 

Confused me asked “Micheal?”, “Yes!” She responded as I reminded her that the Micheal she is talking about is my long-time friend whom I met at University Link High School, studied together in our A-Level (2014-2015), before joining the Islamic University In Uganda (IUIU) together.

“I am his sister too,” she said as she hang off the call,

Micheal! I exclaimed as my wife asked what happened, “Micheal is dead, the Statesman is dead, the Peacemaker is dead, the Unifier is dead…..my friend is dead,” I responded in disbelief.

I immediately rang Kasubi Ali Bin Musa who was working with Micheal at our Gallant School who responded “Yes Micheal is Dead,”

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As if that was not enough, scrolling on my Facebook wall, I was welcomed by a sad post from one of our former classmates and Ejullu’s close friends Ibram Sebalu alias Sharmram Ibra saying, 

“Can’t believe that my brother and friend is gone RIP Micheal,” at this time I believed he is gone.

The deceased Micheal Ejullu (Courtesy photo)

My mind ran straight to University Link High School in February 2019 when I first met Micheal, A slightly tall, dark-skinned humble, simple talking friendly gentleman he was!

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At University Link High School 

The first term of senior five was a bit scanty, I was new at the school unlike Micheal and other colleagues who had been at the school since their lower secondary level but as time went on we started becoming friends and in the second term onwards we could meet on several occasions for discussions.

The Micheal I knew was a humble soul, whom I never saw making any fighting or quarreling with anyone, he was not a warmonger.

His main company I knew were Sebalu, Ismail Kizito, and Wycliff alias Kifulugo among others. Unlike Wycliff, the two were equally humble.

Ejullu was a music lover and it is no wonder that he nicknamed himself Myco Pro at his timely death, he was the incharge of entertainment at the school.

From Left; Ismail Kizito, Afande Kere-Kere, and deceased Late Micheal Ejullu during a sports gala in 2015 (Courtesy photo)
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Micheal was a Unifier and a peacemaker, we named him a Statesman, because of his outstanding character in promoting Unity. 

I remember in our History classes, to better understand the topics we nicknamed ourselves Bismarck (me), Napoleon (Ouma Jimmy), Prince Maternic (Wycliff), and Genel Lafayette (Fredrick) among others. Little did we know that these names could later escalate in internal divisions….of course for study purposes, Bismarck led a Camp that was later named the Western Powers and Napoleon led the Eastern Powers, so we were always at loggerheads.

Micheal being a Statesman could sit us together on several occasions and solve our issues amicably and we could agree, or disagree…..I remember those days….of course, I can’t fail to hint at how we conquered the States.

Micheal could help us in discussions we were literally a family that lived together.

After two years, I joined IUIU in August 2016, where is still met Ejullu and Kasubi,  we were friends.

Deceased Micheal with some of his friends (Courtesy photo)

I myself went into Journalism while the two opted for Education and that’s how we temporarily studied in different lecture rooms and faculties but still met once in a while.

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The three of us graduated the same day, and luckily all started working. At his demise, Ejullu was a teacher at University Link High School and as well working with Educate Uganda.

At only 25 years, you have left us brother…it’s unbelievable but Liukemia (Cancer of the Blood) took you away from us, and we shall miss you.

Ejullu was an enthusiastic teacher, Accoyto Kasubi whom I quote saying,

“He taught despite of being diagnosed with Cancer, he was a strong man even on his deathbed because I chatted with him on WhatsApp up to Tuesday before he breathed his last on Wednesday morning.


Together with my wife and daughter, we traveled to Mbale for Ejullu’s final send-off on Thursday, on arrival in Nabweya Top, Namanyonyi Sub County in Mbale City, we were welcomed by a crowd, students donning University Link High School were all over, I now confirmed Micheal is gone.

His casket was lying in the middle of a large White tent with the school Management, family, and friend surrounding it.

Minutes later I met my former teachers, classmates, and other friends…Ejullu was indeed dead, he has gone forever, and we shall never see him again (tears rolling).

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We attended his burial, and compliments on his works were showered all over…..

After the burial, we as former classmates went to pay our tribute to Madam Suzan one of the school administrators who was Ejullu’s biological sister.

I saw the pain in her eyes, like us, she couldn’t believe it too, I felt her Pain, the pain of losing your dear brother at such a productive age, the pain of losing a friend at a time when the works have just stabilized.

As a friend and a brother to Micheal……I know it was God’s Plan and my sincere prayer is that he Judges him with Mercy 


The writer is a Professional journalist and the Director of Operations at DaParrot Media Ltd.

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