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Kyabazinga Hails Global Surgical Initiatives For Promoting Health Services


The Kyabazinga of Busoga His Majesty William Gabula Nadiope IV has hailed Global Surgical Initiatives for promoting health services in Busoga and Uganda at large.

The Kyabazinga was speaking during a meeting with visitors from Global Surgical Initiatives (GSI) led by Dr. Michael Marin, a founder of GSI.

The Kyabazinga said GSI has done a lot in the promotion of sustainable progress in expanding and improving surgical care throughout the healthcare system-including urban and rural areas.

He commended them for constructing Kyabirwa Surgical Hospital which has helped improve access to affordable quality surgical and medical care in Busoga.

My Kingdom also calls for stronger partnerships in infrastructure development and in this regard, I pledge support to GSI towards its new programs they are planning to establish in Busoga,” he said.

GSI founder Dr. Michael Marin revealed that they are going to expand the surgical hospital in order to operate more people in the communities like those with the hernia.

He added that they are going to construct an education center and a scientific lavatory.

The Kingdom Katikiro Dr. Joseph Muvawala thanked GSI for the humanitarian services it provides in communities adding that the results of surgeries are amazing.

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