Home News Sudan Conflict: Opposition Demand for Immediate Evacuation of Stranded Ugandans,

Sudan Conflict: Opposition Demand for Immediate Evacuation of Stranded Ugandans,


As Sudan’s armed conflicts intensify, Ugandan opposition has demanded an immediate evacuation of Stranded Ugandans.

Muwada Nkunyingi, the Shadow Minister for foreign affairs and the MP for Kyadondo East said several Ugandan nationals are stranded and this put their lives at risk.

“Several narrate that they are trapped in areas of intense fighting including Uganda transit travelers at Sudan Airport. Several Uganda citizens estimated in thousands live, work or regularly exit for Sudan,” he said in a statement,

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“We urge the Uganda Regime, through the Foreign Affairs Ministry & our Mission in Khartoum to immediately initiate diplomatic measures of rescuing the thousands of Uganda Nationals caught up by the Sudan armed Conflict,” he added.

Nkunyingi condemned the Uganda regime and Foreign Ministry for failure to issue timely travel advice for Uganda nationals exiting for or through Sudan.

“We accordingly advise Uganda travelers to avoid travel to or through Sudan for now until the situation normalizes,” he said adding,

“We encourage passengers to use alternative transit routes instead of Sudan airports or borders. WE DEMAND that the Uganda Foreign Ministry & Embassy in Sudan, urgently verify the actual number of Uganda nationals currently in Sudan and initiate measures for alternative rescue shelters for them including allowing them access to Uganda embassy premises,” he added

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To Ugandan Nationals in Sudan, Nkunyingi sad they (the opposition) continue to pray for your safety and shall maintain all efforts for your protection.
“We finally urge the conflicting sides in Sudan to avoid any form of human rights violation and ensure the protection of lives of innocent people/civilians,”

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