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State of Industrial City Division Council Address.


Mbale Industrial city division yesterday 6th Sep 2022 held an ordinary council meeting to have a state of the division council address at the council Hall to assess the affairs of the division in the last financial year.

The meeting which was presided over by deputy Speaker Mr. Simali Anthony included the division mayor, Technocrats, all councilors, residents, and the media.

Ms. Namalwa Emily Fatuma deputy mayor of the Mbale Industrial city division said that as a division last financial year they managed to renovate some schools, and roads, installed solar lights, and supported 16 community groups with Emyooga funds among others.

LineSteppa Community

Emily noted that, When the people voted for them, they expected a lot but the division has been facing many challenges.

“The new boundaries were added yet we received little resources from government to run most activities this has greatly hindered smooth service delivery  and not reaching to people’s expectations.” She said.

Councilor Isaiah Yakub representing Namatala ward D said that the council rehabilitated 26 roads in the west but in the Industrial division East, where he represents less, has been done and we are saying this financial year we have made a loss.

We are complaining and demanding that last FY we got a very small share so we appeal to Mayor and the technocrats to consider us this year.

LineSteppa Community

Yakub said, In East we only got two classroom blocks renovated at Yoweri primary school, a New Toilet at Wambogo primary, and only Musayi road in Doko.

Councilor Wamono Jacob said that the division has managed to work on some schools in Mutoto, Bumboi, and Emyooga groups in the division have benefited.

Simali Anthony deputy speaker the council meeting was good, I received the speech from the mayor and believe that all councilors from different parts of the division will have a smooth discussion in the next council meeting.

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