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Sheikh Kamulegeya, Joins Mugalu, Blasts Magistrate Over Infamous Court Order


Sheikh Abdul Obeid Kamulegeya, the former Chief Kadhi of Uganda has questioned the orders issued by the Mengo Court Registrar, Patrick Ngereza Talisuna halting all activities at Uganda Muslim Supreme Council-UMSC, the seat of Muslims in Uganda.

The orders stepped from an application by City Businessman, Hassan Basajjabalaba who is challenging his ejection from the elections for the position of the UMSC national Chairman last month.
In the order, Talisuna barred the Mufti, his agents, employees and associates of UMSC from conducting any Council business including religious functions until the disposal of Basajjabalaba’s main suit.
On Thursday, Basajjabalaba’s aides led by Haji Abdul Kiyimba stormed UMSC backed by the Police to enforce the order but they were stopped by security at the main gate leading to tensions.
The Court order has since drawn condemnation from Muslim leaders. Addressing Muslims shortly after Friday prayers at the National Mosque. Sheikh Kamulegeya said that he was shocked by the orders.

“I was shocked when I heard that UMSC is closed. When you claim to have closed UMSC, you have shutdown Islam in Uganda,” sheikh Kamulegeya said.

He added “There are many people with their personal grudges against Islam and Muslims and don’t hesitate to push their agendas when they get the chance. This is like the story of Abraha who wanted to destroy the Holy kabah. We don’t refuse people seeking court redress but people need to act responsibly. Did the magistrate read the constitution of UMSC?.”

He castigated the magistrate behind the court order. “Whoever ordered the closure of UMSC is an enemy of Muslims, Islam and Uganda. He needs to apologise. If he doesn’t we have nothing to do but we shall hand him over to Allah,” Sheikh Kamulegeya said amidst the change of Allah is greatest from Muslims.

Earlier on Dr. Ziyad Lubanga, who delivered the Friday summon cautioned Muslims against being lured by hypocrites to pull down their leaders. “Islam had suffered hypocrisy right from the time of the Prophet. The hypocrites don’t want to see a united Muslim community. They hate Muslim progress. Stay away from them to avoid burning in the deepest part of hell fire as promised by Almighty Allah in the holy Quran,” he said.

He cited Ubayi Ibn Salulu who demobilized several companions of the Prophet Muhammad from fighting in the battle of Uhud, which led to the death of 300 companions “Kindly ignore all the propaganda by the hypocrites and stay united for the good of Islam. We have made great strides right from the heritage of our forefathers lets protect it,” he said.

In his address to Muslims Dr. Ramathan Mugalu, the UMSC Secretary General said all offices were functional. “I want to assure Muslims that all our offices right from the headquarters to the grassroots are open. Our lawyers are handling the issues of the court order and we shall issue a detailed statement soon,” he said.

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