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SFC Breaks Silence on Northern By-Pass Road Crash


Maj Dennis Omara, the spokesperson of the Special Forces Command (SFC) has confirmed the Road carnage that injured three Boda Boda riders at Northern By-Pass.

The incident happened at Ssentema when a boda boda rider that was carrying two other passengers rammed into the presidential convoy that was passing.

“Whereas other vehicles had been stopped, the boda boda rider tried to move in front of one of the cars that had stopped to give way to the convoy. The rider rammed into the convoy,” an eyewitness said.

“There was an incident along the Northern bypass on Monday when a motorcycle, commonly known as Boda boda rammed into the convoy of President Museveni on the road,” he said in a statement,

According to eyewitnesses, the three people including the rider and the two passengers were injured and have since been rushed to Mulago and Mengo hospitals for medical attention.

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“Yes, it is true, one of the vehicles was involved in an accident between 11 am and mid-day. Three people were injured,” Maj Omara said.

He said they are monitoring the medical condition of the three injured people in a bid to offer financial assistance to cater for the medical bills.

“We are monitoring their condition and we shall make sure they are given the required medical attention. We shall make sure they get out of the hospital well.

The SFC spokesperson however warned motorists against disrespecting the presidential convoy and its right of way.
“Our message to riders and drivers is that respect for the right of way should be given due attention however much you are in a hurry. You have to give the right of way to the presidential convoy,” Maj Omara urged.
Under the Traffic and Roads Safety Act, and the Highway Code, the presidential convoy has a right of way.

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