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Sewerage Terrorising Two Major Gov’t Institutions in Country’s Capital 


By Julius Kitone

It has now become a routine, a culture, and a common phenomenon in Kampala Capital City to meet either an open man hall or a sewage flow.

This has been worsened by heavy downpours dominating much of the recent days. Well, receiving a heavy downpour is good persay as it supports our livelihoods, especially our brothers and sisters involved in subsistence agriculture back home villages. 

But in urban zones, it has worsened sewage management impetus. 

This time around, two major government institutions and one instrumental facility are under attack by uncontrolled sewage flow either disgusting visitors using and accessing such institutions, killing appetite, or tarnishing the image of such institutions, especially on the side of foreign tourists. 

For Old and new users of Jinja road at the stretch between Jinja Road roundabout at the Ministry of Foreign affairs through Uganda Management Institute (UMI) to Jinja Road Police, there has been persistent sewage flow for close if not more than a year, this time round not blamed to a heavy downpour but has been there even during the dry season.

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 People using Jinja road, especially pedestrians try to dodge the persistently flowing sewage ending up creating footpaths in the gazetted green zones along the roadside thus affecting the natural green beauty along the road.

In addition, this sewage flow poses bigger health risks to students at UMI, police officers, and their families at Jinja Road Police station as they are likely to suffer from Cholera and other poor sewage management-related illnesses, especially through what they eat from nearby restaurants as flies could contaminate their eats. 

Besides, the sewage has since flowed at the Entrance of UMI and Jinja Road Police Station, the key government facilities.

The same premises are near Uganda’s noble Independence grounds Kololo, meaning both local and International Visitors can alternatively access Kololo Airstrips via the same stretch. 

Access wouldn’t be a problem, but the same road and facilities are being used by policy implementers and enforcers. Why has the sewage flow been paid a deaf ear? Where are the National Water and Sewerage Corporation which is mandated to manage sewage in this country and yet a few meters away from the flowing sewage located National Water and Sewerage Corporation offices on the East Wing?

LineSteppa Community

Why let Public Institution’s gates be occupied by sewage floors for more than half if not a year? What does it mean for visitors using the same road? and why is KCCA silent on the matter?

I believe UMI and Jinja Road Police station have kept hurt but silent with no voice. 

Let the concerned agencies save the lives of innocent Ugandans using the facilities.

The writer is a professional Journalist working with Next Media Services and a Concerned Citizen

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