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Series: Evelyn Namasopo Finally Smiles After Two Years of Unfairness, Fight for Justice

Namasopo hugging Mwizza after winning the Case

It’s 11 am on a sunny Tuesday, she arrives at Bubulo Chief Magistrates’ Court in Manafwa District, smartly dressed, no sooner had she arrived, than commotion started, tension, suspicion, and strange looks dominate people’s faces. Besides her, is a teenage girl with an amputated left hand, who barely leaves her company, the girl is protected from anyone except her close family members, who arrived at the Court four hours ago.

Marriam Mwizza, an enthusiastic human rights activist has been in the Elgon region since Thursday last week, the day is today, it’s the D-day, excitement, sadness, and anxiety are all over, and I can see scary faces. She has been on this Case since July 2020; she cannot give chance to any obstacle however tiny it may be.

A convict is soon arriving here, it has been a long journey to get him to face the law.

Derrick Kuloba who on July 4, 2020, chopped off Evelyn Namasopo’s left hand and as well hacked her right one is, expected here; he will receive his SENTENCE today, after two and a half years of dodging Justice—our cameras are all set, facing the entrance of the Court premises.

A few minutes later a slightly short dark-skinned young man arrives with his hands handcuffed, escorted by two prison officers, armed with AK-47s.

Derrick Kuloba, Namsopo’s tormentor arrives at Court for Sentencing yesterday, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison

Upon seeing him, Namasopo’s eyes start filling with tears, I can feel her pain, she has seen a man who shattered her dreams of becoming a medical doctor, a man who almost took her womanhood, and she sees a man who made her pay the ultimate price of growing up in a society of men with greedy, horny and violent behaviors, a man who made her hate any black man in intimacy affairs—But besides she is happy since a few hours from now she will get the justice that has been denied to thousands and thousands of her peers across the globe.

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Six hours later, happiness re-dominates the faces, Mwizza, Namasopo and family are happy, Justice has prevailed, Kuloba has been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment, and as well fined Shs50m, hugs all over, congratulatory messages all-over, social media is a washed with the victory.

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I took some time and sat with Namasopo, her mother Juliet Khainza, and Mwizza—the journey to seek justice has been long.

It was joy and excitement after the victory

How it started

Namasopo was moving with her friend at home in Nabooti Village, Nakatsi Sub County in Bududa district in May 2019, when she got a message from a young boy who informed her that Kuloba needed her attention.

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Namasopo, while receiving treatment in 2020 Courtesy photo

“I declined meeting him as he had suggested but when he met me on the way about a week later, he confessed his intentions which I turned down. I told him that I was not interested in any intimacy at that time and all my focus was on my education since I wanted to become a medical doctor,” she said.

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Little did Namasopo know that Kuloba was trailing her until when she met him again, “this time I warned him to stop approaching me or else risk being reported to my parents and I think from here is when his anger grew and planned to attack me,” she said

Whatever happened that fateful day reminds Namasopo of those horrible moments thus I had to turn my focus on Juliet Khainza, Namasopo’s mother who narrated what happened that day.

“I remember that fateful day, I was in Kikholo Health Centre, battling Malaria, being my first born, Namasopo had prepared some food for me and she was on her way to see me when this remorseful incident happened. I first heard cries of village people who came running to the hospital telling me that my daughter is dead, malaria went suddenly,” she said

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Chipping in, Namasopo said, “He intercepted me, and tried to force me to have sex with him. When I refused, he started cutting me while ordering me to put off my clothes and when he realized that I had completely refused, he lifted the Panga and tried to cut my head, which I guarded with my hand leading to its loss,” she said

To Namasopo, Kuloba’s main mission was to completely kill her, “In his mind, Kuloba thought is dead and being night, he thought no one has seen him that’s why he was even confident but God the Miracle maker has made it for me,” she speaks with tears of joy.

“I cannot explain the type of pain I felt but what I know is that I woke up in the hospital,”

Namasopo’s left hand was amputated

According to Khainza, her mind was filled with how to save her daughter before even thinking about getting the culprit,

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“We took her to Bududa hospital, later transferred to Mbale regional referral Hospital, later to Kampala in Coso hospital,” she said

“Since the start of the treatment, we have spent over Shs25m. I sold all my four cows, two pieces of land but I am happy that she is at least back,”

The arrest of the Suspect

“When the case was reported to Bududa Central Police Station, to our dismay a defilement case reference CRB 361/2020 instead of attempted murder was opened and a suspect (Derick Kuloba) was arrested but later release released on a police bond,” Khainza said

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She added that she later filed a Complaint to Mbale Regional Police, which led to the summoning of the file from Bududa CPS, “and a new case of Attempted Murder was opened on Reference CRB 344/2020. Kuloba was re-arrested and produced in Mbale High Court on December 17, 2020, where he was once again released on a Court Bail,”

The mishandling of the case started which prompted Khainza to seek assistance from Mwizza who later intervened.

“The High Court Judges started to without genuine reasons, postponed the Case hearing until Mid-February this year when we were that their Case had been referred to Manafwa Magistrate’s Court, where we are………part Two to start from here

In part two of this series, we detail the endless efforts that were made by Mwizza, the State House Anticorruption Unit, and the Bududa District Judicial Officials to ensure that there is prevailing Justice

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