Home Entertainment Song Bird Sandra Nankoma to release her new single today

Song Bird Sandra Nankoma to release her new single today

Sandra Nankoma set to release her single KAKANA today

Uganda’s international multi-award winning contemporary /soul/jazz singer/songwriter Ms Sandra Nankoma is set to release her new single titled: KAKANA.
The word “Kakana” itself in Luganda translates to “Stay Grounded,” and this song beautifully encapsulates the wisdom of finding solace in our own individual paths.
This song is a reminder that we are all human, and we need to find our way back to our essence in a world that often demands us to be fast-paced and overly connected.

In a plastic world, this song is an invitation to reflect, to find meaning, and to live authentically.
Nankoma’s evocative vocals, enchanting melodies, lyrical prowess and emotive delivery guide us on a journey of self-reflection, offering a much needed respite from the hustle and bustle of the fast life.
This sonic balm for the soul, encourages us to embrace our differences and savor the beauty of our unique journeys

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