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Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Church in west Nile hold joint ecumenical Christmas service


Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Church in west Nile hold joint ecumenical Christmas service
Christ the King parish in the roman Catholic diocese of Arua held a joint a Christmas carol service with Anglican church of Uganda in diocese of Madi west Nile at Emmanuel Cathedral Mvara on the eve of Christmas Day.
The service presided over by Madi west Nile diocesan Bishop, Rt. Rev Charles Collins Andaku was animated by Melody Choir of Christ the King parish Arua.
Rev Father Dr. Pius Yobuta, of Christ the King parish Arua, also the Dean of Ediofe Deanary, said the ecumenical service was a dream come true for him. He says this was the beginning of a long journey of togetherness and ass leaders they will make the path smooth and straight for the Christians from the two sister denominations.
“I had a dream that one day a Roman Catholic Priest would go preach in an Anglican church and vice versa. It gives me great joy to see that this is finally happening. I am going to invite bishop and other Priests of the Anglican Church to come and preach to my Christians of Christ the King parish Arua because we are now friends.” Fr. Yobuta stresses.
Rev Fr. Dr. Robert Wadri Aluma, a Lecturer at Ggaba Major Seminary, in his homily at the ecumenical service called upon churches to make ecumenism as a practical approach to fostering peaceful coexistence and unity among Christians in west Nile. He said the birth of Jesus Christ should revive people’s lives, cause them to love one another and do good among people.
“It is not necessary to be lost in fight over religion and doctrinal differences that cannot take us any further. In this Christmas we are also reflecting on the enormous contributions of faithful women like Mary the mother of Jesus. Many of us are alive because of prayers of women because us men we are too busy chasing leisure and other things.” Rev Fr. Wadri emphasizes.
Bishop Charles Collins Andaku disclosed that the ecumenical service was possible because of the efforts of Melody Choir. He pledged to work together with the Roman Catholic Bishop and Christians in Arua Diocese to foster oneness and peace.
He commended his counterpart of the Roman Catholic faith, Rt. Rev Sabino Ochan Odoki for endorsing the ecumenical partnership. He pledged to extend the partnership engagement to other churches within the Anglican Diocese of Madi west Nile.
“I work together with my brother bishop Odoki amd we shall make sure we make it possible for our Christians to freely and peacefully coexist. On Good Friday next year we shall do the way of the cross together. We shall start at Emmanuel Cathedral Mvara, I will lead with Fr. Dr. Yobuta as we head to Arua town center to join the team from Ediofe Cathedral led by Bishop Odoki.” Bishop Andaku remarks.
The ecumenical service drew leaders and Christians from the two Roman Catholic and Anglican dioceses in west Nile.

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