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Reporters Without Borders call for investigation into Museveni’s “planting spies” at Daily Monitor


A section of international journalists under their umbrellas body of Reporters without Borders (RSF) has called for an investigation into President Museveni’s recent remarks about the Daily Monitor.

Museveni who has for a long time negatively depicted the Nation Media Group paper [Daily Monitor] said his government had planted spies who inform him about everything that is going on in their operations.

“There is a paper called Monitor, it’s full of foreign agents. We are analyzing them, I have sent people to monitor them, now we know whom they are working for,” the president said while delivering his State of Security address on Thursday.

He noted that the anti-NRM agents base themselves [in the Monitor] with their headlines depicting a bad security situation in Uganda, very comical.

These statements which have not been taken lightly by different press freedom fighters have attracted different personalities and organizations who have since condemned them.

The RSF posted on their official Twitter handle that, “RSF condemns these open threats and calls for an investigation on this affair which, if proven, constitutes a major attack on press freedom,”

This is the first time the president has come out to publicly announce that he planted spies in a media organization to monitor the activities of the people whom he claims to be fighting his government.

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