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Report Parents Mistreating Children-Enanga

SCP Fred Enanga the Police Spokesperson speaking to reporters yesterday

ASP Fred Enanga the Police spokesperson has called upon the public to watch out for parents who direct their excessive anger on children to alert them for immediate action.

“Keeping children safe remains a top priority of the Police, the public should alert our family and child protection unit plus our local leaders for immediate action” Enanga added.

Enanga made this plea while addressing Journalists at the weekly security briefing at the Police headquarters in Kampala on Monday.

This follows the two separate cases of child torture recorded in Apac district in late September where two young juveniles were tortured by their parents under avoidable circumstances.

According to Enanga, on September 28th Okello Bernard a peasant of Abuga village in Apac district was angered after finding his six aged sons had eaten the vegetable soup reserved for supper and he literally burnt his fingers and hands.

“When matters came to the attention of the Police, Ochama Rodgers was rushed for treatment at Apac main hospital, and Okello was arrested” Enanga articulated.

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In the second incident on September 29th Adoku Justine (10) was accused of having stolen food reserved for the father and burnt the whole body an issue which could be handled instead of giving extreme punishments.

Enanga noted that the three parents are currently in their custody and they are being charged with aggravated child torture.

The Police mouthpiece also noted that more abuses against girl children still continue to happen and currently their Police directorate of CID is actively tracking the four cases of aggravated defilement against 5 victims in different jurisdictions.

Enanga, however, said that such acts are a betrayal of trust and exploitation by guardians, neighbors, and teachers who instead of protecting girls take advantage of them and called upon the public to continue taking interest in the well-being of girl victims especially those in vulnerable settings.

The Police also assured that the two victims are under the care and better management of the Sexual and Gender-based violence department at CID headquarters undergoing the number of therapeutic sessions as one victim Bulunga John was also tracked down.

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The latest Annual Crime Report 2021 indicated that a total of 8,681 child-related cases including child desertion, child kidnap, and child torture were reported but it cited a slight decrease from those of 2020.

The report further highlighted that a total of 14,570 victims of defilement were registered of whom 14,226 were female juveniles and 344 were male juveniles.

In 2021, districts with the highest number of defilement cases included Mukono, Luweero, Mubende, Masaka, Katwe division, Buikwe, Mpigi, Mityana, Mbarara, and Nansana with the main causes being the closure of schools due to lockdown, adolescent age where many girls are taken advantage of and also being sent alone to do domestic chores.

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