Home News Registering Boda-Bodas in Kampala was a Greatest Move; Says Minister Kyofatogabye

Registering Boda-Bodas in Kampala was a Greatest Move; Says Minister Kyofatogabye


Hon. Kabuye Kyofatogabye, the Minister of State for Kampala has said that the initiative of registering and legalizing Boda-Boda Riders in Kampala was a great move.

Kabuye in February, the State Minister for Kampala Kabuy issued guidelines to streamline the operations of boda bodas in Kampala and the metropolitan areas.

The guidelines included registration of riders, training in proper road use, medical examination of riders, and acquisition of driving permits by all riders.

The registration of Boda-Bodas in Kampala kicked off in August 2022 amidst opposition from a section of riders and political actors in Kampala.

Records from KCCA indicate that there are more than 100,000 boda bodas in Kampala.

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But by September Fortune Biira, who heads the registration program at KCCA said that they had registered only 35000 Boda-Boda Riders.

Speaking at Bukedde Radio’s Mugoba Nsonga program on weekend, Minister Kyofatogabye said that the registration was a great move.

“When we realized that Boda-Boda riders do not have permits, we asked how many Boda-Boda riders we have and we who are in Kampala calculated on the numbers,” he said adding.

“I calculated and said if I get Shs100,000 

President ordered the reduction of the non-taxable revenue on Boda Boda of the year to Shs105,000 and from 135000 and the permits were reduced from Shs215,000 to Shs130,000. Even the president looked at numbers we advised and he acted,” said

Kyofatogabye noted legalizing Boda-Bodas in Kampala is the greatest move that should be welcomed by each and every stakeholder.

Meanwhile, the Minister also hinted at the current status of Ebola cases in the Country.

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President Museveni recently placed Mubende and Kassandra districts under lockdown to contain the virus.

Museveni later placed Kampala under high alert due to the imported cases.

Kyofatogabye rallied Kampalians to be vigilant.

“We have 10 cases transmitted by those from Mubende we have another case of someone who came from Mubende who slept in Masanafu and used a taxi slept in a family of 10 people and he died,” he said 

“I thank our health workers who have done a tremendous job of tracing these cases including the contacts,” he added 

Like Museveni, Kyofatogabye said that Kampala is at high risk, “since we get on imported cases, be careful on the vehicles that come in, be vigilant,” 

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