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Prosperity is earned by selling goods & services not begging- Museveni Tells CID Officers


President Yoweri Museveni has told the middle-level Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) officers that if they are to get prosperity, it should be by selling goods and services but not begging.

“Currently there are five main sectors that enable prosperity in Uganda and these include commercial agriculture, industries, services, ICT, and Public Service” Museveni highlighted.

The President made the remarks on Tuesday at State House, Entebbe while delivering a lecture of opportunity to middle-level Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) officers who have been attending a one-month ideological course at Kasenyi, Entebbe.

While here Museveni also informed the Police officers that they can be actively involved in income generation through intensive farming on small pieces of land.

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The CID officers the president met included those from the rank of Senior Superintendents of Police down to Assistant Superintendents of Police, Deputy Heads of departments, and regional Police Commanders.

President Museveni also informed participants that the industrial sector in Uganda today employs 1.2 million people and reminded them that in whatever sector they choose to engage in, they must be assured of a market.

The President also criticized politicians who promote the practice of tribal sectarianism and he stressed that identity does not solve the challenges of prosperity.

President Museveni also appreciated the CID Director, Major. Tom Magambo for organizing courses that polish the skills of the officers and also congratulated the officers for participating and completing the course.

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In his speech, Major. Magambo said that their main focus is to work on the minds of the officers. 

“We handled expectations from CID, gaps, and weaknesses on top of that we also worked towards reorganizing CID to do its work” he added.

In his speech, Col. Owamagyezi the Director of the Political Education Special Forces Command (SFC) revealed that one of the goals of the course was to enable the CID mid-level managers to transform themselves, society, and the country. 

“The other objectives were to improve their patriotism and to also cultivate the culture of discipline”. He added.

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