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Professionals fleeing as Uganda’s anti-LGBT law continues to bite


Following the recent move by Uganda government to clamp down on top LGBT rights organisation dubbed Sexual Minorities Uganda, there is a growing number of reports from LGBT persons, claiming torture, threats and arbitrary arrests.

A parent told this website that a clinical psychologist who has been attending to her 20-year-old son recently fled the country over such threats.

The clinical psychologist understood to be Nalwoga, who is also a teacher, was reportedly offering counselling services to the 20-year-old who reportedly identifies as a transgender.

It is understood that on learning that she offers counselling services to young people in LGBT communities, Nalwoga was targeted by parents and she fled from the school where she was teaching.

A source shared that Nalwoga was subjected to questioning by police detectives and released on police bond and she deliberately fled.

“The truth is that police is after that woman, and her life is at stake in and out of police. We were told that she counsels youths who identify as LGBT and gives them strength to identify with their gender,” a source shared

In May this year President Yoweri Museveni signed one of the world’s toughest anti-LGBTQ laws, including the death penalty for “aggravated homosexuality”, drawing Western condemnation and risking sanctions from aid donors.

Same-sex relations were already illegal in Uganda, as in more than 30 African countries, but the new law goes further.

It stipulates capital punishment for “serial offenders” against the law and transmission of a terminal illness like HIV/AIDS through gay sex.

 It also decrees a 20-year sentence for “promoting” homosexuality.

It is understood that Nalwoga is accused of recruiting school children and a number of parents have arrest warrants to get her incarcerated.

A source told us that before she went missing, she escaped a series of attack by gunmen in Kampala.

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