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Prof. Lawrence Mukiibi Memorial Week Launched; Stakeholders Praise His Outstanding Contributions in Education Sector


A full week has been dedicated by thee management of Saint Lawrence schools, colleges and University to commemorate and remember the outstanding contributions of it’s founder Prof. Lawrence Mukiibi.

Prof. Mukiibi was renowned educationist and owner of St. Lawrence Schools and Colleges who died in 2017, due to complications after a car accident. 

This was kicked off by the  Prof. Mukiibi memorial cup was played between four Divisions with an exception of Central which didn’t turn up.

These included; Kawempe, Nakawa, Rubaga ad Makindye.

Speaking to reporters about the launch, Andrew Kimbugwe the Estates Manager and the member of the Organising Community described the late Prof. Mukiibi as a great educationist and sportsman who gave out a lot to the country.

“We have dedicated a full week to remember Prof. Mukiibi because his works not only help the University but the entire country,”

Prof. Mukiibi he said was known in numerous aspects including sports, giving scholarships to the needy, supporting communities among others.

The netball team

“We have started with sports and organizing thee Prof. Mukiibi memorial cup which has United all the five divisions of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Divisions. He was a sportsman that’s why you see sports arena in all the schools and our University,”

“The week kicked off with sports among KCCA Divisions leaders, tomorrow (Monday) we have the sports for all the Saint Lawrence schools ad Colleges, and we also have the games on Tuesday where St Lawrence management and staff will be playing with the community, on Wednesday we shall have an academic exhibition and on Friday we shall have the Prof. Mukiibi memorial Lecture. The celebration will be climaxed by the our graduation on February 23 here at our SLAU Headquarters,”

Anderson Burora the Resident City Commissioner of Rubaga Division asked private school owners to follow the foot steps of Prof. Mukiibi and lead with education performance before thinking about money.

“I implore people to emulate the name of professor Mukiibi whose education prioritized on performance other money first as it’s being exhibited by majority of school owners,” he said adding,

“At least his schools were not characterised on money but rather performance,”

Speaking at the launch, Dr. Emmanuel Sserunjogi Owedembe, the mayor of Kawempe Division implored school owners should to be lenient to parents on school fees..

“I know the government can’t dictate, it’s the parents to choose where they can take their children. My call is directors of schools bee lenient to parents, you can’t recover in one year and pay all the entire loan,”  

“I know the burden, I know you have loans but can’t pay all the loans in one year, charge reasonable amount of money because as you recover, so parents also recovering so don’t expect to recover all the money in one year, be lenient and to the parents I ask them to perceivere,” he added

Sserunjogi said that even if  It takes alot to construct the school, and as parents brace to pay fees, school owners should not take it as an advantage.

“For parents still, if you can I implore you to pay school fees for your children because that’s the only gift you can give to your child,” he said 

Sserunjogi’s statement come at a time when different schools have started the first term calender of 2023, with learners flocking different institutions.

The one day tournament was won by Makindye, the defending Champions, after smashing Nakawa with 2 goals to 1. They won the trophy, medals and a Bull.

In Netball, Rubaga won the race, after beating 

Makindye with 7 goals to 6, winning a goat, trophy and medals. 

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